Make-up artist Essay

Make-up artist Essay

Pictorial History of Prosthetics

– … He also changed his complete face when playing the role of Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as he created the twisted face by using false teeth, nose putty on his cheeks and a false eye. In 1932, Jack Pierce turned actor Boris Karloff into Frankenstein’s monster and was said to be an enduring prosthetic make up creations. To create Frankenstein’s Monster it was said that he used layers of cotton coated in gum and collodion where as others say that plaster could have been applied to the skin coated in Vaseline or that it was several pieces and assembled into the full head….  

Why I Choose to Make Art that Is Uncomfortable, for Me and my Audience

– I produce in a labour intensive manner through the act of repetition, reduction, application, and various methodical processes. It is important to me to commit and invest time in to my practice, while working with materials that correlate to the subject matter. I tend to extract my own history, using experiences of trauma and personal growth as a foundation upon which to work. I am currently interested in the space between private and public, the domestic domain and confines of a gallery. I desire to expand my practice to work in the future that creates an interactive or communal space where the art, within site specific or public locations, is created by involving the audience….  

The Geniuses Artist Michelangelo

– … During the time of the 13th and early 14th century the Medici family held Florence in their hands by having the political and financial power due to their banking and trading system which started off the Renaissance. This not only gave Michelangelo full access to the most powerful and elite crowd in Florence but also out him underneath respected figures of the society and exposed him to poets, scholars, and humanist all around. While being there he also go permission from the Catholic Church to inspect cadavers which also gave him an insight into the medical field, this series of events is what would later influence his style of painting….  

Hieronymus Bosch a True Renaissance Artist

– This paper argues whether Hieronymus Bosch was a real, true, and complete renaissance artists using stories of his life, examples of his artworks, and analyses of the renaissance period. Hieronymus Bosch, being a great artist had a lot of background and experience in painting and being an artist. Considering his grandfather, his father, and all four of his uncles were all great, well known, and successful artists, meaning you could definitely say art was in his jeans. Hieronymus Bosch, born Jeroen Anthonissen van Aken (c….  

Antonio Da Correggio: A Renaissance Artist

– … The woman with Jesus on her lap looks in disbelief as she cannot process what has happened. The male descending from the ladder shakes his head, possible confused and terrified since he was the one who had to remove Jesus from the cross he was crucified on. Correggio also paints Jesus as a lifeless character, emphasizing the fact that he is lifeless after suffering a painful death. Correggio’s intent was for the audience to feel the emotion displayed in the painting. He wishes for the audience to feel what the people are…. ;