Live animal transporter Essay

Live animal transporter Essay

Segway Human Transporter

– Could there be a transportation machine that has no emissions whatsoever. Could this contraption go great distances without a doubt. Could it stay balanced on two wheels with you on it. What is it. Actually, it is an “It”. The “It”, or more formally known as the Segway Human Transporter is a vehicle that is said by some to “change the way we live.” With so much hype, this machine of the future has high expectations from not only the public but to many environmental activists as well. I believe that the Segway HT is a benchmark in today’s new technological advances….  

Derek Parfit’s Transporter

– … Parfit countered this argument by explaining in that case that the person survived as two persons, which lead Parfit to divide the concepts of survival and identity. Parfit notes that the conditions for survival imply that survival is a relation of degree, such as a possessing a quarter of an individual’s memories means that the individual is one quarter still alive. Supposing that an individual is subject to such extensive brain damage that only one character trait or one memory remains intact, it should be said that in any such case he is only a fraction left alive and that an otherwise unrelated person now inhabits the body….  

Animal Testing is Animal Cruelty

– Animal Testing is Animal Cruelty The way I look at animal testing is a form hateful cruelty. None of these people care about if it hurts or kills the animals. The cruelty has been going on long enough and I think it is time to stop. What people do not know is that animal’s react a different way to drugs as humans do, so scientist cannot apply the results to humans. Many animals go through screaming, unbearable, horrific; you cannot even imagine pain when they go through test for products that you use every day such as: Cosmetics, Household Products, Medical Products, even Iams dog products….  

Animal Testing is Unnecessary and Cruel

– Carrots the rabbit has been under experimentations for almost all of his life. He has to suffer so someone can wash his or her hair. The makers of Dove shampoo are probably going to shove shampoo down his throat his reaction to it. Even if the rabbit lives through the experiment, there still going to kill him to see what happened to his organs. If this were a human being experimented on, people would be mesmerized. Scientist are debating whether shoving shampoo down a rabbits throat is effective….  

The Planning Process for a Live Public Event

– Contents Contents 2 Contacts 3 Introduction 4 Event details 5 Event Description 5 Event Location 5 Entertainment 5 Attendance 6 Audience Profile 6 Equipment 6 Promotion 6 Communications 7 Organisational Structure 8 Staffing 8 Contractors 9 Health and Safety 10 Welfare Prevision 10 Noise Management 10 Crowd Management 11 Entrance and Exit Points 11 Management of attendees 12 Signage and public information 12 First aid cover 12 Fire risk assessment 12 Risk assessment 13 Emergency vehicle access 13 Evacuation plan 13 Legal implications, licences and contractual arrangements 14 Licensing 14 Insurance 15 Contracts 15 Financial implications 16 Contacts 1. Bristol ambulance service – Address: J…