Linguist Essay

Linguist Essay

A Teacher as a Linguist

– In recent years, the topic of language along with its importance and influence on society has gained prominence as a separate area of study. Many have joined the ongoing debate whether English should be properly taught and used, or perhaps there is no such a thing as Standard English in today’s day and age. Since language is an extremely efficient medium of interaction and expression, it is enormously important that educators invest ample amount in Linguistic research and study so they can properly educate their students and grant them the tools that can help them achieve their potential….  

Language Shaped the Reality of Our World

– … In this model, utterances are taken in a pattern to describe their syntactic environment, word by word. This are derived from the study on lexical occurrences in authentic linguistic corpora. According to their studies, each individual word has their own set of patterns assigned to it, which describe the context in which they are typically used. Not just that, every word can also have more than one pattern, according to their word senses. The next theorist in the list is a British linguist, Micheal Hoey, and his theory of Lexical Priming in his book Lexical Priming: A New Theory of Words and Language (2005)….  

You’re Speaking My Language

– Language; we use it everyday. From describing portraits to our family and friends, or calling out plays during a football game with our classmates, people utilize language every moment. But how did this “language” evolve. Daniel Dor, an Israeli linguist, created a theory of Language as a Communication Technology, which is “a new general framework for the description, analysis and explanation of language as a socially-constructed communication technology, designed by cultural evolution to allow for communication across the experiential gaps between its users.” Dor argues that language is related to it’s function of communicating to others rather than being and “organ” as seen in Chomsky’s arg… ;

Clarifying Misconceptions about Accents in The Myth of the Non-accent by R. Lippi-Green

– The Myth of Non-Accent By: R. Lippi-Green (2012) This chapter focused mainly on misconceptions and attempting to clarify those misconceptions about accents. In the opinion of linguists, accent is a difficult word to define. This is due to the fact that language has variation therefore when it comes to a person having an accent or not, there is no true technical distinction because every person has different phonological aspects to their way of speaking. However, when forced to define this word, it is described as “a way of speaking” (Lippi-Green, 2012, p.44)…. ;

Who is Leonard Bloomfield?

– … In addition, he included two chapters on language change, illustrated with examples from many languages. The book ended with a chapter on the relation of Linguistics to other sciences, a topic that would increasingly concern him. Bloomfield practiced in historical Indo-European, particularly Germanic and philology. Then, he turned to the study of Tagalog, a Malayo-Polynesian language, during World War I. In 1917, he turned out to be more interested in a more reachable language family which is the Algonquian…. ;