Lifeguard Essay

Lifeguard Essay

How to Become a Lifeguard

– How to Become a Lifeguard After long summers of lounging around the pool having other people watch you from the tall white stands, your parents tell you that you need to get a job if you want to have gas to drive your car around with friends. So if the ideas of being indoors and not going back to school with a great tan frighten you then you should definitely think about being a lifeguard. Your friend who is a lifeguard tells you that the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is hiring kids that are sixteen years old and up…. ;

John Updike’s Portrayal of Individualism vs. Conformity in Society

– A society consists of a community of people living together and sharing customs and traditions. Once immersed in this society, one can begin to see certain standards woven into the social fabric of the community. These standards, ranging from not walking into public areas scantily clad to not embarrassing people in front of others, are usually unspoken and sometimes cause strife. Young adults often find these standards to be extremely restricting and favor freedom of action over the collective control…. ;

The Climax in the Beach Scene in Jaws

– The Climax in the Beach Scene in Jaws The spectacular film “Jaws” was filmed in 1975 and directed by Steven Spielberg at the age of 27. The film was based on a book titled ‘A Stillness In The Water’ by Peter Benchely. The scene being analysed reflects the main plot in the book. It is set on a beach and involves a young boy, who is later attacked by a shark. The essay will analyse how the use of cinematic techniques such as lighting, colour, sound, camera shots, camera edits/movements and mise en scene help to prepare the audience for the climax in this particular scene…. ;

The Meaning of Service

– The Meaning of Service Service is a word used constantly.  The word service has an impression on many people.  For example; people who work as lifeguards view their work as a service to the community.  Naturally, based on working as a lifeguard their definition of service would be an action beneficial to the well-being of others.  Not surprisingly, a similar definition was found in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).  Service is described in the Oxford English Dictionary as “the action of serving, helping, or benefiting; conduct tending to the welfare or advantage of another; condition or employment of a public servant; friendly or professional assistance.”  Furthermore, in Webster’s Nint…  

Ronald Reagan’s Life and Accomplishments

– Ronald Reagan began his life in 1911 in Tampico, IL. When he was nine, his family moved to Dixon, IL where he grew up. His father owned a shoe store in town. His mother raised him with the fundamental belief in God that he carried with him throughout his life and presidency. He became a devout Christian and was very involved in his church. He was a very kind and caring boy and very much an introvert, something that he carried on later in life. He was very athletic, playing football and various other sports…. ;