Life guard Essay

Life guard Essay

The Life of a Guard in the Book, NewJack: Guarding Sing Sing, by Ted Conover

– … The thought is that knowing certain things would bias the keeper. Officers are also encouraged not to get to know or to interact with prisoners. Though correctional officers do carry the keys, they don’t always have the upper hand. Inmates have all kinds of tricks for making life miserable for those who are charged with making sure that the convicted pay for crimes committed. One guy in prison even put such items in his mouth to better aim. An inmate may take a swing if the guard walks too close to the bars….  

Personal Experience: Color Guard Group

– The group that I have always felt like I fit in the most throughout all of my life, would have to be my high school Color Guard. Color Guard was always the thing I turned to when I was upset, or simply just had a lot on my mind. To tell you about my Color Guard, I will first have to tell you a bit about the town I grew up in. I grew up in the small town of Antlers, Oklahoma where we had two stoplights, a small school, a dollar general, and a small array of family-owned businesses and restaurants….  

German Coast Guard-Lost in Translation

– In business communication, messages are conveyed using several types of media to include the internet, radio, podcast, and television. In order to convey effective messages presenters must select a medium that is appropriate for their desired objective. They must also tailor the message for the audience, which reflects an understanding of the reader’s concerns, and motivations (Carrero, 2011). In the video “German coast guard-lost in translation”, the director uses a combination of techniques to illustrate the importance of language and communication…. ;

East Geman border guard: Let him go.

– My fellow justices of the court, we find ourselves at a crossroads, advised to convict of murder a man whose prior government would have lauded, not punished, him for his actions. We must weigh the unjust loss of a human life against the injustice of convicting a man under an ex post facto law. Hans’ death is a terrible tragedy, but we must rule with respect to our system’s principles and reverse the lower court’s decision. This man’s former superiors, both his commanding officers and his government, emphasized that, whatever happened, it was better to kill a man than let him escape across the border…. ;

State Mission of the National Guard

– Along with deployments over seas the National Guard has state mission. These state missions comprise of multiple parts. Part one of the mission is to respond to the natural disasters of their state and country. Most everyone has heard of the National Guard going out and battling fires, helping general public deal with all aspects of the floods, tornadoes and civil unrest. In these situations the governor of the state, territories or district, places his province in a state of emergency. This allows him to control the National Guard until the crisis is exerted and in which case the National Guard is returned to its normal state as the protector of freedom and safety of their state and country… ;