Library assistant Essay

Library assistant Essay

The Georgia Institute of Tecnology’s Library

– … Both of them provided profound insight into academic acquisitions. The report is a consolidated interview. The Automated systems used are Ex Libris’ Voyager ILS (VuFind user interface); EBSCO ERM Essentials, Ex Libris SFX link resolver; and EBSCOhost Discover Service. The university’s automated system before 2001 was Sirius, but now the library uses Voyager. Which is integrated with GOBI which updates GT’s catalog records. What I found to be most fascinating is the library staff is well informed of technological trends and will most likely transition towards more advanced automated systems….  

Yale Library Website Evaluation

– The Yale University library is made up of twenty different buildings on campus. These building are designated for specific schools and subjects. Such as the Cushing/Whitney medical library and the Lillian Goldman law library. Each school provides subject specific services to their students and differs from other libraries on campus in policy and layout. Despite the differences between libraries they all share the same library homepage. The Yale University Library site brings all the libraries and buildings together for the ease of the user….  

Medina City Library Collection Evaluation

– Medina City Library Collection Evaluation In order for a library’s collection to operate most effectively, the collection must be regularly evaluated. This process of evaluation and assessment includes determining the demographics of the community in which the library exists, as well as calculating holding and usage statistics for each of the sections within the library. Upon determining the performance of various areas of the collection, care must be taken to determine what course of action should be taken to improve the collection….  

Impressions Obtained from a Visit to the Dr. William E. Anderson Library at Calvary Christian High School

– It is important for all librarians, whether they work in an academic, public, special, or school library, to visit other facilities and observe and discuss how they operate their library. New thoughts, ideas, and ways of accomplishing tasks can be gathered and put to use in other libraries. This paper will discuss some of the aspects and impressions obtained from a visit to the Dr. William E. Anderson Library at Calvary Christian High School. Calvary Christian High School is a private, church, secondary school located in Clearwater, Florida….  

Public School Libraries

– Although not all agree, the trend toward removing print media from the library can be seen as refocusing public school library resources on 21st century learning. The debate over eBooks in particular has been very divisive. Traditionally the library has been a quiet place to read and research mostly from print materials. Most libraries have even incorporated a cluster or two of computers so that patrons can access the Internet or search databases, but the perception and reality of most libraries is that they are filled with shelves and shelves of print materials….