Librarian Essay

Librarian Essay

My Role As The School Librarian

– Everyday I walk into my school library with the hope of influencing a student or a teacher to read a new book, use a new search strategy, or to collaborate on a unit of study. My goals for students range from getting to know them and their interests and then guiding the student to these new sources or literature. I look upon the library as a learning lab or, as some in my profession have dubbed it, the Learning Commons. Every morning I greet anywhere from 50 to 80 students who are waiting for the first bell of the day….  

The 21st Century School Librarian

– The 21st Century school librarian is no longer just the caretaker of the book collection. Technology is transforming the education system and the way children are taught. This paper discusses the many roles and issues that the teacher-librarian plays in creating a flexible 21st Century learning environment. 21ST Century School Library Media Specialist The roles discussed in the articles written by school librarians Mashriqi (2011), Ballard (2008), and Marcoux (2010) were similar in strategies needed for running an effective media center today….  

Role Of The Teacher/Librarian

– As someone who has no classroom experience, it is imperative that I soak in as much information and experience as possible. Fortunately, I learn best by doing and by watching. Observing classrooms, workspaces, and school libraries are fantastic ways for me to get a clearer picture of what exactly I am paying thousands of dollars to get myself in to by studying to be a school librarian. In doing so, I have not only learned that I am going deep into debt for a career that I love, but also that there are common bonds that tie the process of writing together across all settings, grade levels and types of assignments….  

Bitter Librarian

– These chairs could not be more uncomfortable. Maybe it isn’t the chairs that are uncomfortable, but the fact that I will be sitting in them for the next four hours listening to librarians talk about the future of libraries. I’ll tell you what I think about the future of libraries, well, actually I won’t. I can’t. My head hurts too much. I think the librarian next to me just looked at me because she can smell the booze permeating from my skin. Maybe I am still drunk. I wouldn’t be surprised. Who goes to conferences and drinks this much…. ;

Band Music Librarian

– Although many music librarians come to the position via performing, my career included several additional layers of being at the right place at the right time. Despite years of violin and viola lessons, I wasn’t dedicated enough to play professionally, and I knew enough about myself not to go into teaching; since I assumed those were the only two jobs in music, I went to college intending to become a radio producer. Job-hunting with the impressive-sounding “special interdisciplinary degree in audial arts,” but with my only hands-on experience on outdated equipment, I halfheartedly went to cattle calls for opera choruses, and eventually ended up at an Army recruiting office looking at jobs in… ;