Legislative drafter Essay

Legislative drafter Essay

Review: Loyalty and Legislative Action

– … This set the stage for the Lusk Committee in 1919-1920, which clearly degenerated quickly into a good old fashioned witch hunt, that as Chamberlain asserts, “violated almost every canon of responsible conduct….ranged recklessly of individual rights…with wanton disregard for such fundamentals as separation of powers and due process of law.”(203-04) Chapter two looks into the events of the 1930’s in the Empire State. Lawmakers passed the ‘Ives Loyalty Oath Law’ in 1934, that specifically required teachers and school administrative personnel to swear they were not members of the communist party, nor advocated communism or other ideals subversive to American democracy…. ;

The Legislative Process and the Congressional Committees

– The United States Congress was created by the framers of the Constitution as the most important part of the legislative branch of the national government. The Congress was set up with a bicameral structure composed by the House of Representatives or Lower Chamber and the Senate or Upper Chamber. According to “Origins and Development” and “History of the House”, two descriptions of the history of the Congress, both chambers assembled for the very first time in New York in 1789 and then moved to Philadelphia in 1790 where they stayed for 10 years…. ;

Legislative Success: The Legislative Point of View

– … Legislative Advocacy is the act of working with the individual lawmakers and lawmaking bodies to gain support for your initiative or cause. This is important among the president’s concern with showing interest because if he has a plan he must be able to pursue it. Simple political, intellectual, or moral support could potentially be the support of lawmakers, like Congressmen or state legislators, or it could even be the support of other somewhat powerful people who don’t directly make laws themselves, but may be listened to by those who do(CTB Legislative Advocacy)…. ;

Lobbyists and The Legislative Process

– Lobbyists and the Legislative Process Word Count: 1,638 ? Table of Contents Part A: The Plan of Investigation 3 Part B: Summary of Evidence 3 Part C: Evaluation of Sources 5 Part D: Analysis 6 Part E: Conclusion 8 Part F: Sources 9 ? Part A. Plan of Investigation Research Question: To what degree are lobbyists’ successful at influencing the legislative process in Congress. This investigation analyzes the influence of lobbyists on the legislative process in Congress…. ;

The Legislative-Executive Balance of Power

– In order to understand more completely the job of the presidency and the nature of presidential leadership in the United States, one must also understand the president’s relationship with Congress. This can be done by examining challenges that presidents face and the actions they take to address them. There are five challenges this paper will focus on: the “disappearing center” and polarization, the president’s use of unilateral executive powers and signing statements, shared constitutional powers, who is a better representative of the people, and the different “patterns of inter-branch control” between the two branches…. ;