Labour relations officer Essay

Labour relations officer Essay

Labour Unions and General Motors

– The Workings of Automotive Unions The last bolt is screwed on as a relieved automotive worker marvels at his wondrous creation: a car. With the roar of an engine, the car slowly disappears into the distance. The worker gradually turns around, picks up his tools, and continues to work on a new car. As a consumer, we rarely wonder how things are made; we simply take everything we own for granted. For once, have you wondered how many hours of hard labor many automotive workers must go through….  

Filling of Vacancies and Compulsory Adjudication

– … The authority of the state should be used to prevent strong groups and organizations, whether they belong to the employers or to the workers, from holding the community to ransom. The workers and employers engaged in providing services vital to the community’s health and safety are in a position to charge any prices for their services. Here compulsory adjudication and arbitration is in a position to help the community by imposing such terms and conditions of employment which appear fair to it and thereby, keep the Relating to prevailing Indian conditions The adoption of planning as an instrument of economic growth and the marginal and poor standard of living in the country demand that…  

Types of Unemployment, Labour Relations, Trade Unions in South Africa and Other Concepts

– … 1.4) the measures implemented by South Africa was that the government would look at recruiting a large numbers of skilled migrants. Du Plessis and Smit (2006) recognized the most of the positive economic growth to improvements in total factor productivity. The international trade between countries led to improvement in productivity. In 2000 the South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB) introduced inflation targeting as their primary policy goal to stabilise the internal value of the South African currency….  

Community Education Officer and Inclusion

– In order to understand the principles of inclusion and organisational structures which are in place within different professional contexts, it is important to expand on personal understanding of a variety of reflective learning models, as well as increasing awareness of inclusion and the diverse range of values which are contained within different ideologies of inclusive practices. Reflection on personal understanding of professional contexts and the variety of personal attributes which are required in order to develop and deliver to service users is equally important….  

Labour and Industrial Relations

– … IOI LODERS CROKLAAN OILS SDN BHD [2013] In the case of Mohd Yusri Athanasius Abdullah v. IOI Loders Croklaan Oils Sdn Bhd [2013] 4 ILR 687, there were three main issues that arose for determination. The first was whether the claimant had been absent from work without approval after his leave had expired, the second was whether he had been dismissed by the company and the last was whether his dismissal from the company had been with just cause and excuse. It was held that:- No employee can claim leave of absence as a matter or right and remaining absent without leave will itself constitute gross violation of discipline….