Labour contractor Essay

Labour contractor Essay

What is Contract Labour?

– … Sub-contracting and Contract Labour is a part of MNC’s strategy to reach out to the cheap labour in the devloping countries and to deny a poor country’s capital for having exclusive access to his labour. Many jurists argue that the need for employment of Contract Labour is unquestionable and they further insist that employment is contract labourers is necessray for a number of reasons which are mentioned below: • The employment of contract labour would relieve the principal employer of the need for direct supervision and control over the employees….  

Labour Issues in Anglo American

– Anglo American is a UK public limited company headquartered in London. It is one of the world’s leading mining companies and it operates around the world especially in the continent of Africa where 76% of its workers live. Anglo American is a major producer of minerals such as diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and coal. In 2008, a report by Mr. Philip Mattera, a private investigator, investigates the track record of Anglo American. He claimed the company has a series of abuse of labour rights, safety and environmental protection, to name a few in the past (Mattera, 2008)….  

Labour Riot in Trinindad and Tobago

– … These questions would help to highlight on the possible opportunities that the Labour Riot brought for the working class and the changes that it created. As with the nature of this study, it is considered to be primarily a library study, as it is heavily based on secondary sources adding to the body of knowledge on the Labour Riots. It is also classified as a Qualitative Research Project. This study will benefit from the large body of information detailing about the Labour Riot: before, during and after….  

Marx’s Alienation of Labour

– Marx’s Alienation of Labour There is deep substance and many common themes that arose throughout Marx’s career as a philosopher and political thinker. A common expressed notion throughout his and Fredrick Engels work consists of contempt for the industrial capitalist society that was growing around him during the industrial revolution. Capitalism according to Marx is a “social system with inherent exploitation and injustice”. (Pappenheim, p. 81) It is a social system, which intrinsically hinders all of its participants and specifically debilitates the working class….  

Early Contractor Procurement

– … Joint design review and development, where there is a chance for the main contractor and its specialists can comment on the buildablility and affordability. And offer alternative solutions. (Grounds 1 and 2); Second-stage supply chain tendering to encourage the main contractor, after first-stage selection, to price or re-price works packages by means of subcontractor or supplier tenders, working with the client to clear up any errors or omissions in the brief, this is to achieve accuracy in the flow-down of risk….