Kitchen manager Essay

Kitchen manager Essay

Working in the Kitchen: Culinary Arts

– Most of us have a general outlook about what a career consists of. Despite that details are not always identified, the smallest niceties should be considered. In today’s economy, competition is rapidly expanding as well as a demand for individuality and talent. Having the components and knowledge can make a “make it or break it” massive difference in your career and the industry. Cooking involves your five senses and reaches further into other abilities. Culinary is an asset to the Arts careers that involve utmost creativity, technique, and history….  

The Classic Kitchen Brigade and the Modern Kitchen Brigade

– Many people dine at restaurants’ and hotels’ but are unaware of the system utilized within the kitchen. They simply go to enjoy the food, unaware of how it is prepared. Interestingly, the kitchen is run by a Kitchen Brigade system (Brigade de Cuisine) which is a hierarchy system invented by Georges Auguste Escoffier to ease and simply the operations of a kitchen. There are two types of kitchen brigade which are the classic kitchen brigade and the modern kitchen brigade. This report aims to explain each of the system, the individuals involved in it and the responsibilities of each person….  

Be the Manager: Creating an Ethical Code

– … B. Public Health-This restaurant is committed not only to comply with all relevant health and safety laws, but also to conduct business in a matter that protects the safety of employees and our customers. All employees are required to comply with all health and safety laws. Always avoid a collision while entering/exiting the kitchen area, be alaert. Any broken objects shall be put away in a safe manor. The environment of the restaurant should be clean and pure. All dishes shall be clean and sanitized according to all health regulations….  

Leadership in Mr. Manager

– As I would walk into work on a Friday night I would be dreading a night of running around from table to table, the impatient customers, and the long list of side work that I’d have to do after my shift, but as I opened the door to Ruby Tuesday I would still have a smile on my face. Why. Because I knew that I would be laughing all night, alongside my coworkers and especially around my manager, Matt Ferguson. Matt, as he chose to be called rather than Mr. Ferguson, or Mr. Manager or any other stuffy, better-than-you kind of title, was a happy, yet efficient manager….  

A Case Study of an Italian Restaurant in Peter Northouse’s Leadership: Theory and Practice

– … The first manager is Kelly who oversees the kitchen. Kelly’s strength is her technical skill with efficient ordering and preparation. Kelly needs to improve her ability to interact with others as her poor human skills impact her work with wait staff, sales and delivery people. The second manager is Danielle who oversees the front of the restaurant. Danielle’s strength is her human skill; putting customers first and offers outstanding hospitability. Danielle needs to improve her technical skill as she struggles with aspects of running a business…. ;