Jointer Essay

Jointer Essay

Prosecutorial Discretion and Law Execution

– Prosecutorial Discretion Whitebread and Slogobin state that the job of executing the law at the federal and state levels rests with the prosecution. This means that the prosecutor makes the decisions about the charges. Prosecutorial discretion means that the prosecutor decides whether someone should be charged for a crime and what that individual should be charged with (Whitebread & Slogobin, 2000). The Bordenkircher v. Hayes (1978) case established some guidelines for using prosecutorial discretion….  

The Central Mystery of Chritmas: The Incarnation

– The Christmas holiday cannot properly be understood or recognized without an understanding of what holds true to its central mystery: The Incarnation. This Christian doctrine is important to Christianity because without the knowledge of both who Jesus Christ is and, why we need Jesus Christ, there cannot be a complete understanding of the gospel or means to salvation. Portrayed in the first gospel is evidence of the importance of knowing who Jesus Christ is. Based on one simple question that Jesus asks his disciples, in Matthew 16:13, “Who do men say that I, the Son of God, am,” a Christian from a non- Christian and a heretic from a non-heretic can be distinguished….  

The Pandinus Imperator a.k.a. Emperor Scorpion

– … An invertebrate is an organism that lacks a vertebral column which is also called a backbone11. Every phylum of invertebrates has its own special characteristics, for example cnidarians, of the phylum Cnidaria, have special stinging organs called nematocysts. While invertebrates like echinoderms, of the phylum Echinodermata, have external spines11. The phylum Arthropoda is the largest phylum (according to number of species) and insects make up the largest part (according to number of species) of Arthropoda….  

Fitness and Nutrition to Achieve the Best Body

– … To lose weight fewer calories are needed. A low calorie diet will cause the body to use up stored body fat for energy, not consuming enough calories is known as a calorie deficit. Having a high calorie diet to gain eight will cause the body to bulk up. Consuming more calories is known as a calorie surplus. Depending on the goal the number of grams needed for the body varies. This does not mean sugars, oils and fast foods count as calories that benefit the body. Healthy nutrition is clean dieting with natural fats, natural sugars and proper balancing….  

Dichotomous Key

– Dichotomous Key Prior to evolutionary theory, scientists relied on similarity of physical characteristics to classify organisms. An 18th century naturalist, Carolus Linneas, developed a taxonomic classification system. This hierarchical system divides organisms into 5 kingdoms. Organisms visible to the unaided human eye fall into the plant, animal, or fungi kingdom. Kingdoms are then divided into phylum. This division is based body type and skeletal organization. Phylum are then divided into subphylum….