Intercultural communication consultant Essay

Intercultural communication consultant Essay

Intercultural Communication: An Eveolving Discipline

– Intercultural communication is an evolving discipline that encapsulates the interactions between individuals or groups from different backgrounds. Diversity and the need for cultural awareness are forever increasing, and this solidifies the direction in which diversity will take in the future. Intercultural communication is going to be a tremendous part of our future and as individuals it will be part of our personal, social and professional relationships. ? Intercultural Communication: An Evolving Discipline Effective communication with people of difference cultures can be especially challenging….  

Intercultural Communication Through Humor

– I delve into this research project hoping to acquire more information about humor and language. What makes some things funny and others not. How much of humor is based on culture or intellectual development. What I found was that no one really knows these answers yet. What there has been research on is humor and communication. To narrow my focus further, I chose to examine research papers relating specifically to intercultural communication through humor. I picked two studies to analyze which cover opposite ends of the intercultural humor spectrum….  

Intercultural Communication

– In the process of globalization, the intimate relationship between people from different racial, ethnic, national and regional groups becomes such a normative thing and is seen as good sign of integration process and social diversity. According to Ho (1990), the definition of “intercultural marriage” is explained as the marriage between partners from different racial, ethnic, national or religious backgrounds. Now intercultural marriage becomes a trend and receives a massive notice, which explains why it appears as frequent topic on several magazines, news, documentaries… Many couples now are more interesting in this topic and also can have better advices in this field than they were 30 year…  

My Intercultural Communications Class

– … I think a good exercise to help the generations connect is to have conversations about ideas separating the age gaps. This would help students get a first-hand look and an explanation at what they may have originally misunderstood. Also, this one-on-one discussion will help students learn to gain communication skills specifically for these age groups. Another important aspect of intercultural communications that students must understand in themselves and others is the mass and vast sub-cultures within our own….  

Non-Verbal and Intercultural Communication

– … I personally believe that we are using non-verbal cues to represent emotions, like when someone is crying our gestures, body movements and facial expression are different trying to affiliate with another person emotions. At the same time it is obvious that we are trying to create an impact, and most of the time we want to create a positive rather than negative impression using likeability, credibility, dominance and interpersonal attractiveness. According to Ross (1991 as cited in Archee et….