IT auditor Essay

IT auditor Essay

Auditor Independence

– 1. Introduction 1.1 The objectives of audit Under the regulatory, directors are required to produce financial statements annually which give a true and faire view of the affairs of the company and its profit and loss for the period and accountable to shareholders. Auditors have a responsibility to plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance to the shareholders and other stakeholders of a company on the financial statements. The objective of an audit of financial statements is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, thereby enabling the auditor to express an opinion on…  

Roles and Duties of Belize’s Auditor General

– The Office of the Auditor General was established under Section 109 of the Belize Constitution, Chapter 4 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000. The Office of the Auditor General is managed by the Auditor General who is appointed by the Governor-General, acting on the recommendation of both Houses of the National Assembly. The Office of the Auditor General, in carrying out its mandate, examines all of the various accounts that falls under the purview of ministries, departments and other public authorities as prescribed by law…. ;

Legal Regulation of Corporate Governance in the Role of Auditors

– INTRODUCTION In recent years, general public start to raise questions about the level of audit independence and the quality of audit information, especially after corporate collapses such as HIH, Enron and One.Tel where independent audit reports showed that the companies were making a profit, when in fact they were heavily in debt. This essay is to provide a brief overview of the current regulation of corporate governance in Australia in the role of auditors, and illustrate some gaps in the regulation with examples…. ;

Auditor’s Role: The Importance to Overcome Ethical Dilemmas

– Throughout the years, the news covered stories of corporate scandals involving accounting unethical practices. These unethical corporate acts had a tremendous negative impact on these company’s stockholders, investors, employees and the whole U.S. economy. Most of these scandals would have been prevented, if the independent audits of these companies were conducted in an ethical manner. With this in mind, two corporate scandals will be the subjects of further review to understand that an auditor might encounter ethical dilemmas, if independence and objectivity are not part of the audit process…. ;

A Review of the Last Two Auditor General’s Report of Belize

– … The implementations of some systems proved inadequate for the recording and tracking of revenue. Another area of concern was in regard to Stores ledgers not being properly maintained. Items received or issued were not accounted for in accordance with the Stores Orders # 5 (verifies balance and account for handing or taking in stores). In addition, adequate security measures are not in place to safeguard supplies. It appears that stores items are handled with little care, creating a loss to government as assets are not properly accounted for….