Humanitarian advisor Essay

Humanitarian advisor Essay

An Overview of International Medical Corps

– An Overview of International Medical Corps The International Medical Corps (IMC) is a Non-Profit world relief and humanitarian organization that provides a variety of services in countries around the world. With 25,000 local partners and 4,500 medical professionals, IMC provides services from emergency response to economic development, infrastructure development to primary physical and mental health care, and more (International Medical Corps, ND). The following is an overview IMC including a brief description of the history and mission of IMC and a succinct review of the type and location of IMC projects around the world….  

No Such Thing as a Humanitarian Intervention

– Humanitarian intervention after the post-cold war has been one of the main discussions in the International Relation theories. The term intervention generally brings a negative connotation as it defines as the coercive interference by the outside parties to a sovereign state that belongs in the community. The humanitarian intervention carried out by international institutions and individual sovereign states has often been related to the usage of military force. Therefore, it is often perceived intervention as a means of ways to stop sovereign states committing human rights abuse to its people….  

Humanitarian Relief Operations

– Humanitarian relief operations usually happened after natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and wars. To make the humanitarian relief operations prompt and efficient, human relief sector must plan the operations based on logistics activities which can meet the needs of the humanitarian relief operations. This essay is going to start with a brief description of the Korean War, and then discusses the importance of two logistics activities which are victim service as know as customer service in logistics term and facility location decisions to the humanitarian relief operation of the Korean War….  

Humanitarian Aid, Conflict and Politics

– … No satisfactory answers have been provided to this effect. Politicization of the Humanitarian Aid in Sri Lanka Traditionally, humanitarian work is said to be politicized whenever it becomes supported for various other reasons other than to simply help individuals who are in need (Jacob 12). Such reasons may include winning the minds and hearts of those in need, pursuit of political and security goals, pursuit of military, or to projecting a certain image to those in need. Humanitarian work may also be politicized when a government considers it its sovereign right to control of all activities within its borders in the course of a humanitarian crisis….  

International Relations Relating to Humanitarian Intervention

– In the following essay I will discuss aspects of international relations relating to humanitarian intervention and how they affect a nation’s responsibilities in the international arena. I will be drawing parallels to historical examples of intervention and to recent world events. I will inspect the classical realist notion of non-intervention and sovereignty and another newer line of thought, more adapted to the modern system. What I hope to bring forth in this paper is a clearer understanding of the situation and the responsibilities of the actors in current international relations in regard to humanitarian rights and intervention….