Housekeeper in hotels offices or other establishments Essay

Housekeeper in hotels offices or other establishments Essay

Proposal for Hotels International

– Proposal for Hotels International Dear Mr. Covington: Subject: Proposal No. F-12841 for Hotels International, Regional Office-San Diego, CA. Fresh Appeal is honored to submit the following proposal to provide premier hotel, motel amenities for the personal care of your guests. Our company has been providing superior service to many of the leading hotel and motel chains across the United States since 1982. The Marriott, Hilton and Best Western are just a few of the chains to whom we provide quality products and service….  

The Need for Child-friendly Establishments

– … With the rise in number of families eating out, are these establishments really catering to the needs of the children or are they still pursing child free customers. Parents with children and babies have very different needs to that of an adult; this makes children a special need clientele. Some of their special needs include; modified seating, short attention spans, very energetic, basic uncomplicated foods, nutritional food, pram access around the table, close parking, cost effective, access to gender friendly bathrooms, modified toilets, change tables, breastfeeding areas and parents want convenient location….  

Brunt Hotels Group as a Giant Entrepreneur

– … As to the priorities, in my opinion, I would say the rebranding of the hotels should be placed at top priority. This is because rebranding is a marketing activities that will be use in attracting and maintaining their customers; they want their products to be in the mind of the customers always (creating a niche) for the products to be a household name; A BRAND (Ilarde, 2012). To follow next is the recruitment exercise; this is equally very important especially as 70% of the old staffs have left the organization, there is urgent need for have new staffs onboard….  

Exposure to Toxins in our Homes and Offices

– Toxins are poison, and can have many adverse effects on a person’s health and well-being. It could be the reason children and adults are getting sick more often or why we feel more tired and sluggish. Contrary to what most people believe, exposure to toxins are found in everyday household items, cleaning products, materials that are used to build homes and offices, copy machines and office products, even in some medicines that we take. People do not have to stick their heads in a microwave, drink poison or purposely inhale exhaust fumes to experience the dangers of toxins….  

Global Leader of Hospitality: Hilton Hotels and Resorts

– The most prestigious name in the industry, Hilton Hotels & Resorts stands as the stylish, enthusiastic and global leader of hospitality. With over 92 years of experience, Hilton continues to be synonymous with hotel because of innovative approach to products, facilities and service. They help make traveling easier with smart design, innovative restaurant concepts, authentic hospitality and assurance to the global community. Hilton Hotels & Resorts currently serves guests worldwide in more than 540 locations in 78 countries across six continents….