Hospitality revenue manager Essay

Hospitality revenue manager Essay

Pushing Value in the Hotel Industry

– Introduction Hospitality industry is a fluctuating industry. One of the reasons is that because it is an industry that depends highly in seasonality period (Font, Penalva & Sampol, 2011). Seasonality according to Butler cited in Weidner (2006) is “the temporal imbalance in the phenomenon in tourism”. In hospitality industry, seasonality can be illustrated as in a period of time, hotels will be facing its peak season where there will be high occupancy and in another period of time, it will face low season where there will be lower occupancy….  

Exciting Career of Hotel Managment

– … A hotel manager is accountable for the day-to-day functioning of a hotel and its staff. They have trade responsibilities for financial and budgeting management, organizing, planning and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (concierge, reservations, reception), housekeeping and food and beverage operations. While planning ahead to maximise profits and taking a strategic overview, the manager has to set a benchmark for the staff to deliver a standard of presentation and service that meets their esteemed guests expectations and needs….  

The Hilton Key Largo Resort

– The Hilton Key Largo Resort is a six-year-old Hilton Worldwide hotel that has established a high regard, and is a positively commented on resort for vacationers on many travel websites. As one of the eleven successful Hilton Worldwide brands, the Hilton Hotels & Resorts is marked to be an unremittingly “innovative, forward-thinking global leader of hospitality” ( This brand name expands to 550 hotels and resorts in about 80 countries. At our Hilton, we cater to the Hilton HHonors program, which is a loyalty program in which its members have the ability to earn both points and airline miles for their stays at over 4,000 hotels in 90 countries, as well as receiving ma…  

Hotel Opening Human Resources Case Study

– A. Tall Pines Corporate Strategy and Human Resource Management Strategy mutually interact through direct influences on each other and both are subject to effects of the economic conditions within their environments. Major economic conditions that exist in favor of Tall Pines are the growth in population and local government programs. The local population is at 1.9 million which is forecasted to steadily increase for the next fifteen years. Riverton has also put an Economic Development Committee into action which is highly supportive of the Tall Pines Center, especially considering the tax revenue they will be giving the city and the state….  

Revenue Determination: Pricing and Contracting

– Over the last twenty years health care prices for the general public, because of this continuous rise in prices hospitals and health care facilities have given much attention to improving their communication of prices to the public. Most people of the general public are unaware that hospital costs and hospital prices are two different things. Hospital cost is the dollar amount the hospital pays in order to provide patient care. Hospital price is the dollar amount designated to the specific procedures performed in order to provide said “patient care”….