Hospital nurse Essay

Hospital nurse Essay

The Hospital Based Nursing Programs

– There are a variety of options, both online and in brick-and-mortar universities, for the person that is seeking an educational pathway to follow into the honorable, exciting, and fast-paced profession of nursing. The historical cornerstone of a nurse’s education is the diploma programs founded by hospitals to draft qualified female students from the various communities to educate them on all aspects of the field of nursing. The educational format consisted of the discussion of the processes involved in the procedure, demonstration of the process to the class, and then allowing students to perform the procedure under the watchful eye of the instructor….  

Statement of Purpose for Becoming a Nurse

– … I face the challenges of being responsible for the lives of over 10 residents completely dependent on myself and three other staffs. And so it helped me to develop the ability to stay composed when working under pressure; I learned just how vital different forms of communications are as working with residents with dementia you learn about them as individuals, their habits, manners and personality without the need of verbal communication. Lastly, as well as learning to support each staff in a team, I learned to trust and use my own initiative….  

Video Reflection: Nurse Jackie

– Nurse Jackie is a television series that is set in a hospital environment. Within the hospital there is an interdisciplinary approach which focuses more on the work the nurses perform. Jackie is the main character who we follow and is an emergency department (ED) nurse. Jackie is a hard working nurse who is experiencing severe back pack pain thus causing her to use narcotics to control the pain. That said, this paper will explore how nursing and Jackie’s character is portrayed in the show as well as how Jackie can be seen as a leader (Austin, 2009)….  

Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner Make It a Tough Job

– … Math and science are a major part of this career and are used to solve problems” (America’s). 8. 12. “During this career, you will work more than 40 hours per week. This would be a major impact on my family because I would rarely see them during the week. Also, you could be “on-call”, which is when you have to handle short hand emergencies” (America’s).This could affect time with your family and this could cause you to become distant. You might also miss important school activities or school related events for your kids….  

An Aspiring Midwife’s View on Hospital Births

– The last four years, my growing interests and experiences in nursing lead me to endeavor becoming a midwife and a women’s health nurse practitioner. My past volunteer work in Doula services, has given me an inside view to many different birthing techniques and styles. In addition, to my work experiences in a home care setting, that has shown me a more personal side to healthcare. This is why; I believe many hospital births limit the control women have with decisions, such as, birthing positions, delivery time requirements, recovery times and artificial inductions…. ;