Hide grader Essay

Hide grader Essay

Hide and Seek with Voodoo doll

– This game is popular with people who believe in ghosts or supernatural. It is usually called “ Hide and seek with a Voodoo doll”. Thus supernatural game was played by plenty of people. According to their review, they commonly felt chills and need courage to try it. Now I’m going to introduce how to play this creepy game. First you need some supplies. You need a voodoo doll which has to look like a human, then you need a white rice, hair, nail, red thread, salt water, needle and any sharp objects like knife and scissors….  

They Hide under Your Bed and in Your Head

– They Hide Under Your Bed and in your head Monsters. They’re the things from the stories that follow you home; they’re hidden in your closet, under your bed, and they invade your head. They are scary and hideous, and evil; they haunt your waking hours, prevent you from sleeping, but most importantly, they reflect upon ourselves and our civilization. We have all read many books containing monsters, having been introduced to them from a very young age. Although the primary focus of those books were to teach us about fear and overcoming it, most of us just took in how scary and evil the monsters were, and from then on greatly feared them….  

The Prevalence of Younger Students Lying to Health Professionals

– Communication is a functional and purposeful aspect of human socialization. Individuals have the ability make conscious decisions to control their expressive language to manipulate the perceived interpretations of others (Burgoon, Callister, & Hunsaker, 1994). As people acquire language, they develop sensitivity to the Gricean maxims, or rules, of conversation. The first of these maxims is “Quantity I”, or the failure to provide enough information. The second of these maxims is “Quantity II”, or the provision of too much or redundant information….  

What the Supreme Court Has to Hide

– What the Supreme Court Has to Hide The tone of this article is pretty much summed up in the first sentence. The author writes, ” I wonder what the pompous justices on our Supreme Court have to hide by not letting their actions be viewed live on national television?” (Aldrich 6B) He is obviously angry that we have been somewhat shut out from the Supreme Court decision on the Florida recount. Anger and aggression fill the voice of this article as “we the people” have been kept in the dark and robbed of our right to know how the system works….  

Who Am I?

– Who am I, I am Aaliyah Ellerbee an 8th grade student at Harambee Charter School. But this doesn’t really define me who I am as a person. I am just a normal teen who enjoys school, receiving outstanding grades and bio-engineering. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am an African American Muslim young lady. I have a younger sibling, were 4 years apart. I have fun, loving parents who are always there for me. After 13years on this planet I still haven’t figured out who I really am….