Handyman Essay

Handyman Essay

Chad and Dad- Businesses

– … This a partnership that passes down all of its decreases and increases through the shareholders. The advantages to the S Corp business is that the assets are protected by the shareholders, however they are not responsible for the business debts. They are protected because no outside sources can have access to personal information (i.e. creditors). They do not pay for federal taxes on the corporate ladder, however it depends the location the business is in. The shareholders can not only be employees but receive dividends from that business….  

Fathead Commercial Analysis

– … Commercials always seem to play out in an environment that most viewers can see themselves in, whether it is at a store or at the zoo. Fathead takes the same approach in their “Clay Matthews, Handyman” commercial. The commercial is set in what appears to be your average, middle-class home. This setting appeals to most people because an average home is what the majority of the population lives in. The commercial features fatheads plastered all over many different rooms of the house, which showcases just how good a fathead looks in any room of a person’s house….  

I Am Unique: A Narrative Fiction

– Created on a cold wintery day in September, I was already an outsider. My creator, spitefully nicknamed Neglector by me, had kept me aside, shoved in the deep and dark corners of a closet, promising to return and put some hair on the top of my head. But as all humans do, he forgot, and the next day when he returned, he spared none so much as a glance at me before tinkering with his other supplies. I remember hoping and praying that he would remember me, for days, months and maybe years, but I was steadily giving up hope.After finally realizing that Neglector was never going to look at me again, I looked around in the closet that was now my prison, searching to see other members of my kind….  

Small Businesses Need a Website

– … With a website, people can get access to a small business’ information with ease. It is easier for clients to refer potential clients to a person with a website. People before they attempt to hire someone tend to want information on the person they may hire. A website allows a person to give a clear description about themselves and what kind of work they do. Unrelated to my father, it is also a good way to show off what kind of goods a business sells, and general information on the business….  

Characters Reactions To Situations

– As Henry James sees it, characters are only as interesting as their responses to particular situations. This is true not only in any piece of literature with a character but also in life. I following text is my exploration into characters and their reactions to situations in John Steinbeck’s, “The Chrysanthemums” and John Cheever’s, “The Five-Forty-Eight”. Characters in both of these stories are full of passion and come alive in the text as you read them. It is this resurrection of the text to full life in your mind’s eye that is at the core why people like to read….