Handicraft worker in wood or related materials Essay

Handicraft worker in wood or related materials Essay

The Materials in a Stent

– ??There are many cases of death through heart disease, heart attack, and other heart related problems. To find a possible cure, or help, scientists have invented stents. Stents are spring like objects that expand outward to open a clotted area. Although stents were invented and helped heal a vessel, there still, however, were problems. It was then understood that more research should go into the development of stents. This paper talks about one of these research topics. Jared May, Milesh Joshi and Rajeev Nair (2012) agree that, “Stent material is also an important factor in determining a stent’s clinical success” (p.442)….  

Issues Surrounding the Migrant Farm Worker

– … However, the health problems migrants and their families face because of their low-income status and unfamiliarity with the culture are compounded by a migratory lifestyle and the inherent dangers and health risks involved in their occupations. Stress and depression is a concern among migrants which may be related to isolation, economic hardship or the environment which can hinder their productivity. The pressure imposed on laborers by their employers, often as a result of their own economic pressure, to continue working despite chronic pain or illness begins to take its toll on their overall health….  

What are Nano Structured Magnetic Materials

– … Under the influence of alternating magnetic field, superparamagnetic ferrite nanoparticles are expected to be useful as thermoseed in hyperthermic cancer treatment as they can be targeted and confined to the cancer site without damaging normal cells [10]. Hence, ‘superparamagnetic nano particles’ is an important research area for their biomedical applications. Specifically, nano ferrites with a crystallite size below 10nm behave as superparamagnetic materials. CoFe2O4 is interesting because of its unique structural, magnetic and electrical properties [11,12]….  

Wood Vs. Steel: Which Is More Environmentally Friendly?

– … This being, it is easier to work with steel and to make sure you get the best use of it. When you cut a piece of wood it is very different from when you cut steel. The scrap that falls off of steel can be melted down and used to make a new steel post. when you cut off wood you can reuse it but it will not be exactly the same as the material you cut it off of, it would be plywood. The price for steel lowers the more people use it for construction. In residential construction steel is gaining popularity….  

Time To Learn by George Wood

– The 2nd book within George Wood’s manuscript, “Time to Learn”, addresses the idea of change within the school system. “Transforming the High School” is broken into chapters that regard how to positively change the normal, structed school environment. Wood gives examples and illustrates the need and the process of change by; how to truly interact and connect with students, on how to teach important things successfully, and enforces the need for a democratic system within the school. Like the first book, Wood uses many students to serve as an example of situations within the school, but also to bring a connection into his story…. ;