Glazier Essay

Glazier Essay

Brady Glacier: Majestic or Soon to be Myth?

– Brady Glacier is known for its beauty in the Fairweather Range of Alaska. Many people every year during the summer months visit the glaciers surrounding the gulf coast of Alaska to see their statuesque landforms. Brady Glacier is that of a serene landscape, but one of many glaciers that are retreating and becoming victim to ice calving. Geographers have been studying the interesting glaciations of Brady for centuries now. Three geographers, especially, are taking notice to the change in advance and retreat of the glacier….  

Pine Island Glacier is the Largest Sheet of Ice on Earch

– … The rise of a few millimetres in the global sea level every year is at catastrophe. But the extent of disruption through the rise due to melting of this glacier can not imagined. The rate at which the glacier is melting is enough to submerge London and Los Angeles in a few decades. The stronger sub ice shelf circulation is seen as the premier cause of the melting of the glacier. The basal melting has exceeded in terms of the ice inflow. This has led to the enlargement of the inner cavity under this ice shelf….  


– Glacier The glacial run off river was colder than ice, so cold it was like a torrent of broken glass against the skin. The water itself is bluish white, the color of skim milk. On the bank of the glacial river, a hundred dead and rotting fish lay scattered around like casualties of a recent battle. The corpses lay in every stage of decay, from fresh, as if just pulled from the water, to pure white skeletons stripped by scavengers. The stench is like an enormous natural gas leak. The river itself is so crowded with spawning silver salmon, that it resembles a giant can of sardines….  

Physics of Glacier Flow

– How Glaciers Flow – Glaciers flow under the force of gravity as snow accumulates on the upper parts of the glacier and wants moves down slope. – The snow compresses to become ice and flows through the glacier into the ablation zone where it is lost. – If the accumulation equals the ablation than the glacier is said to be in equilibrium and its position will not change. This does not mean that the ice will not flow. Accumulation Zone The area where inputs occur into a glacier system. This usually occurs near the top of the glacier or ice sheet and such inputs to the system include snowfall, wind blown snow, rain and avalanches….  

Education of the Environment

– According to CQ Researcher, over the past 25 years a glacier found in the Peruvian Andes, that took around 1,600 years to form, has completely melted. Numerous studies have been run researching climate change and the affects of those changes are becoming increasing evident as time passes. These changes are being observed in every aspect of the environment whether that includes water sources, farmland, or even human lives itself. The issues related with a changing climate are continually becoming more important within the everyday life of Americans, but with that also comes the critics that are under the assumption that it is all a hoax and that the changes experienced are all a part of a cyc…