Geophysicist Essay

Geophysicist Essay

Taking a Look at Climate Change

– … Al Gore isn’t an expert either neither is Leonardo DiCaprio or Danny Glover or any of the activists on television urging action on global warming. What actors, politicians, and lawyers believe is irrelevant to our understanding of climate science. The beliefs of media experts and journalists, even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is irrelevant; what matters is what shown through properly published research which is why it’s the researchers who are considered the experts and that’s true all scientific disciplines…. ;

Conflict With Mining Enterprises in Northern Wisonsin: Environment vs. Economy

– Imagine having a backyard where one had prime cross country skiing slopes, trickling streams and waterfalls, natural caves to go swimming and spelunking in, wetlands to go wild-ricing, fly fishing for trout, and mountains and valleys to take 5-day canoe portages and hiking adventures throughout, all near one’s own house. With the cool breeze and the abundant snowfall the often accumulates up near the Upper Peninsula, due to the lake effects of Lake Superior, there would never be a dull moment with the weather, either…. ;

BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

– An oil spill of 4.9 million barrels, which happened in 2010, created not only turmoil for the environment, but caused the economy to take a great hit from the loss of an important raw material. Transocean were the owners of the oil rig drilling on behalf of BP, who were the ones at fault for the spill. This event caused a stir in both the government and non-governmental organizations, because of the extensive damage that it caused. Federal investigations were put under way to determine the factors that caused the spill and once the investigation was concluded several environmental groups began to target the company to portray them as negligent…. ;

Oil Exploration on Anticosti Island

– Since 2001, Hydro-Quebec were doing oil exploration on Anticosti Island.Seven years later, they had found nothing. In 2008, Petrolia, a private petroleum producer, sign an agreement with Hydro-Quebec to continue the oil exploration and about the money that Quebec will receive if they find oil. Petrolia discovered for $75 billion of petroleum and Quebec will receive a small amount of $2.3 billion. Petrolia has the right to extract oil everywhere on the island except in the two national parks. Should we take the risk to break a fragile and unique ecosystem in order to gain money on a short-term…. ;

What Exactly Are Super Volcanoes?

– Volcanoes have been around for many centuries and will continue to exist for many more to come. Many people have their ideas of what they believe volcanoes are. Most believe that it is basically a mountain that shoots out lava, destroying anything and everything nearby. This assumption is actually proven accurate. Volcanoes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters; they can erupt suddenly, destroying everything in its way. People tend to be so afraid of volcanoes that most of them don’t realize that there is one concept far more terrifying than just a volcano: a super volcano…. ;