Geologist Essay

Geologist Essay


– Geologist The goal in mineral exploraion is to find imperious meatless. It’s what they call Ore. Ore is a mineral that have a lot of value. To find ore you want to identify target areas. Overtime narrow it down and pin point the ore of the minerals. The way geologists do this is first they would look at geological maps that show worth different rock types. Sometimes they use maps that people have already made. Geologist also uses geophysical maps to find out the different properties of rocks….  

Things Every Geologist Should Do

– As an experienced geologist, there are many things one could teach a new geologist. There are some basics recommended that every geologist be aware of. There are a variety of general geologic websites that a person could go to for information. One of them is called “Geysers and the Earth’s Plumbing Systems.” This website explains everything about geysers. Geysers are not often found on the surface of the earth and are considered very unstable hot springs. In order for a geyser to erupt there must be a water supply, a heat source, and a reservoir and associated plumbing system….  

Who is Charles Lyell?

– Charles Lyell Charles Lyell was a British lawyer and one the smartest geologist known in his time. He was known as the author of the Principles of Geology, which helped popularize the theories and concepts of uniformitarianism. The Principles of Geology was the first book written by Lyell and explained the changes of the earth’s surface. He used the research and information in the book as his proof to determine that the earth was over 6,000 years old. The central argument in his book was “the present is the key to the past”, this meant that to find out what happened in the past you had to look at what was happening now….  

Chondrites: The Most Primitive Rocks in the Solar System

– Chondrites give geologists insights on the makeup of the early solar system. Geologists are driven by understanding how the Earth came to be what it is today. Chondrites formed at the time o Introduction Chondrites are the most primitive rocks in the solar system. Chondrites are stony (non-metallic) meteorites that have not been modified due to melting or differentiation of the parent body. Chondrites are formed when dust and small grains that originated from the early solar system accreted to form asteroids….  

The Permian Triassic Mass Extinction

– The Permian Triassic Mass Extinction The Permian Triassic extinction was an event of cataclysmic disaster and almost the extinction of all species on planet earth. The Permian Triassic extinction is said to have occurred millions of years ago, geologist have estimated that its occurrences happened about 248 million to 286 million years ago. This rare occurrence of events proceeded the Triassic geologic periods and the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras. This mass disaster was the largest dissipation of living life on planet earth; it is believed to be even superior to other crises such as the Ordovician and Devonian events and the conclusion of the cretaceous era that came upon the dinosaurs….