Geographer Essay

Geographer Essay

Tea Crops Lead to Deforestation

– … Through the land changing impacts it trickles down even through the smallest of cases all the way to the consumer’s hands or cup. There are also pressing concern, about erosion and degradation to the soil by which these tea plants are being grown in such large quantities. These concerns will address how producers are able to stay afloat, but also to keep consumers on board to promote social and economic sufficient practices to the availability of the commodity. How long do these tea producing countries want to rely on degrading their soils for the exports of their primary goods….  

Professional Ethics in Geography

– … It is extremely important for professional geographers to not only comply with all federal laws, state laws, and institutional procedures, but also avoid unfair employment practices whenever they are encountered. To be able to sustain communities, geographers should strive to create and maintain a diverse, pluralistic, and inclusive professional community. By creating ethically standard environment – the geography companies, corporations’, or agencies achieve credibility from the public. A professional community comprises a set of social relations and communications in which individuals define and locate themselves….  

Taking Risks in Life

– … Just as these celebrities and entrepreneurs have shown, taking risks in life can aid one on the path to success. Besides helping one succeed, taking risks also brings a sense of excitement and fulfillment to an otherwise ordinary life. For example, I took a bit of a risk last year signing up for a horseback riding sleepaway summer camp- I had never been away from home for as long as that camp before, and had never touched a horse before, either. I was a bit nervous going in, with my qualms of homesickness and possible failures in horseback riding, but I turned out to have a wonderful time at camp and made both friends and memories to last….  

What is a technical language

– What is technical language. Scientists have tried to come up with a definition since the beginning of the 18th century, therefore many interpretations have been made. They started to discuss terms and vocabularies in order to define technical language. A couple of years later they emphasized the importance of text and nowadays they are talking about text from a communication aspect. The Anglo-Saxon society regarded a language to be a system, therefore they found little interest in technical language….  

Pattern of Urban Development along the Expressway

– 3. LITERATURE STUDY 3.1. Historical context At the end of the 1950’s and during the 1960’s and 1970’s the idea of corridor development, both planned and unplanned, was actively studied and discussed among spatial planners, designers and scientists (e.g. by C.F.G. Whebell, George R. Collins, C. Doxiadis). Many of these practitioners and scholars also encountered the difficulty of visualising the dynamics of corridors and often referred to (earlier) schemes and designs of linear cities. A study on both the definition and visualisation of corridors in this time-period may contribute to the discussion on corridor development and urban networks….