Gauger Essay

Gauger Essay

Vertical Staff Gauges

– VERTICAL STAFF GAUGES A staff gauge normally consists of a measuring plate fixed to a post set in concrete. The measuring plate is typically made up of coated steel or stable FRP with increasing increments of 0.01 m. The staff gauge is fastened to a concrete or steel pole that has slots to adjust the level of the plate. Staff gauges may also be painted on a well-established and stable structure, like a bridge pier or retaining wall. At all hydrometric stations a staff gauge is required to measure the water level….  

Fuel Gauges

– the is cut and pasted off to get an account If you’re like me, you like to squeeze every last mile you can out of your tank of fuel. If you could get 20 miles extra from each tank, that could save you two or three trips to the gas station over the course of a year. The main impediment to stretching your mileage is the fuel gauge on your car, which makes you think you have less fuel than you actually do. These devices are notoriously inaccurate, showing empty when there are gallons left in the tank and showing full for the first 50 miles…. ;

An Innocent Murderer: The Flaws of Capital Punishment

– What would you do if you were suddenly arrested for a crime that you didn’t commit. What if you were taken to the station, interrogated, and booked for murder. Would you stick to your innocence, or possibly take a plea bargain just to get past the constant questioning from authority. Would you write to others to try and prove your innocence. During the course of many years, this has happened to numerous people. Many people have been ripped from their daily lives and thrown into a cell. The individuals are just waiting for the day when someone will prove them innocent…. ;

Joshua Gaugler

– The Concert of a Lifetime The concert has begun after a fifteen minute delay caused from the powder snow that started early on in the day and continued through the evening. There I stood up in front of the small crowd on this snowy Sunday evening. I glanced out upon the crowd as the piano picked up speed and intensity. I knew that I was about to strike that F chord in a few measures. I quickly removed the moisture from my fingers with the cloth I brought with me. The band had a special meeting planned after we played the music for our church’s Thanksgiving Supper…. ;

Mines are Damaging Land in Northern Wisconsin

– … The Bad River Tribe has regulatory authority from the clean water act and EPA rules, “therefore they can set their own water quality standards for water on their wetlands” (Bourdieu). The primary environmental concern is that the mining operation will take a significant amount of water from surface and ground water. Waters will be polluted, undoubtedly, and “sulfuric acid can leech harmful metals and compounds that end up in ground water and surface water” (Fitz). These toxin cannot possibly have a positive effect in any way…. ;