Gas fitter Essay

Gas fitter Essay

Effects of Rising Gas Prices

– Gas has many effects in our society, and some of these effects have a negative impact in our life. Our daily lives depend on gas, when we go to work, school and going out. We use gas for electricity, cars and many other things. The effects of gas are direct and very affecting in our lives because of the many forms it can be used in. There are many negative effects of rising gas cutting back in vacation time, prices of everything is going up “inflation”, car companies making more efficient cars. First, many Americans are cutting vacation time because of higher gas prices….  

The Politics of Natural Gas Production

– The Politics of Natural Gas Production In 2010, roughly 25 percent of the nation’s energy came from natural gas, a “fossil fuel” which American consumers and businesses heavily depend on for transport, light, and heat (Squire 6). As the U.S. population increases, so do the country’s energy needs. Political debate over how the U.S. can meet those needs has slowly simmered for several decades, escalating exponentially when the energy supply grows short. Disputes over just how clean natural gas is, as opposed to coal, dominate headlines and presidential campaigns alike….  

Fracking: Extracting Natural Gas

– Introduction: Environmental and socioeconomic debate over an alternative method of extracting natural gas thousands of feet below the surface using horizontal drilling and hydraulic “fracking” has risen in last twenty years. Fracking is the technique of drilling deep wells under high pressure with sand, water and a variety of chemicals to crack open rocks to release natural gas (hydrogen carbons) and oil from shale or coal bed methane deposits. Townships in Colorado like Lafayette and Fort Collins, voted on a moratorium to ban fracking within city limits….  

The Development and Usage of Gas Warfare

– … The combination of these two gases created an even more lethal gas (“Research”). The usage of gas during World War I was extremely common. The first usage was by the French in 1914, which was closely followed by the Germans in 1915. The French first used tear-gas in their grenades. The Germans used it at the Second Battle of Ypres on April 22. Britian then became the first country to retaliate with the usage of gas warfare, that was ordered for September 24, 1915. This order was to gas Loos, Chlorine was used for this particular gassing (“”)….  

Shale Gas: Changing the Global Energy Market

– It is clear today that for at least the next 20 years natural gas will be a key energy vector in Europe. Increased consumption and reduction of European reserves is pushing countries, governments and companies to all find a more efficient and economically viable energy resource. Like any major new energy source, shale gas has the ability to confer massive wealth on some countries — and take it away from others. It has become a global phenomenon. Extensive and successful extraction in the United States has sparked other global regions in exploring the potential held within this possibly new lucrative energy source….