Gaming dealer Essay

Gaming dealer Essay

Gaming Fraud and Prevention

– … Another example of gaming fraud took place in Columbus, Ohio. This is from the IRS case files and the following took place. The owner of Gem Ventures, LLC, d/b/a Gem Skill games, plead guilty to gaming fraud. The owner, Jon Diamond placed machines in assorted bars and clubs, called “Tic-Tac Fruit.” The winnings were based on chance, but Diamond rigged the machines to fail to pay off. The patron’s continued to pay the machine, waiting for the big payoff. Diamond wasn’t the only one making money, the owners of the bars were rewarded for the use of the services….  

The Gaming Stereotype

– The term “gamer” tends to be synonymous with “geek” in many people’s minds. They see gaming as a device that absorbs the majority of the time of the user, leaving them as mindless empty, pale husks with no ambitions other than beating that next boss or shooting the enemy in the face. However, few gamers waste their life away. On the contrary, many of these so-called geeks tend to be more social than the average person, and farther down the technological curve than most. For the truth is that gaming is a rather useful and beneficial hobby….  

Gaming: Is it really that harmful?

– Imagine a world that allows people to become someone else for a moment. This virtual world is undiscovered by many people and is competing with each other. They are not afraid of others judging them. They can express their feelings anonymously without fear. This world is filled with people who, in the real world, would usually be quiet and reserved, but in this world emerge as leaders. This virtual world is accessible to everyone, but only used by a few. These few people who make up this virtual world are called gamers….  

What Effect Have Games and Gaming Had On Society

– In the 1980’s video games became vastly popular and its market boomed. Since this time the market has continued to grow, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modern day. There has been much speculation on the effects that both games and gaming have had on society as a whole. Games were first invented in the late 1940’s being found on mainframe computers. The first commercially viable game was computer space in 1971 a coin operated arcade version of an earlier game called Spacewar….  

Scalability and Consistency in Server Based Network Gaming

– 2 Background 2.1 Industry The online games market – whilst known by the industry as in its infancy [4] – should surpass $15 Billion this year and sales of virtual goods likely to exceed $1 Billion [1]. This very profitable young market can be debated as the future of gaming [2]. With the cost of Broadband technology going down and online services offering a larger amount of micro-transactions and subscription based games – not to mention virtual goods – it would be hard to resist by any gamer. For example it was reported within 5 days of MODERN WARFARE 2 (MW2) being released it had made $550 million in revenue and an online player base of 8 million, an “army” bigger than real world countries…