Forester Essay

Forester Essay

Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines and Forester’s A Passage to India

– Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines and Forester’s A Passage to India In British imperial fiction, physical setting or landscape commonly plays a prominent role in the central thematic subject. In these works, landscape goes beyond an objective description of nature and setting to represent “a way of seeing- a way in which some Europeans have represented to themselves and others the world about them and their relationships with it, and through which they have commented on social relations” (Cosgrove xiv)….  

I Want to Become a Forester

– Foresters help to sustain private and public forests while managing the distribution of standing timber to different companies. I find this occupation very interesting because they manage important resources and protect important habitats. I became interested in this job when I learned about how huge the role forestry has in logging public and private forests. Without forestry to regulate logging companies forests could be stripped bare, and destroyed. Habitats would be ruined, animals would die, climates would change and without the replanting of trees eventually the timber industry would shut down….  

A Review of Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester

– Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S Forester is a fictional account of lieutenant, soon to be captain Horatio Hornblower. This novel. But one in a series of stories outlining the accounts of lieutenant Hornblower. During the 18th century, England was asserting herself as a world sea power, and continued to dominate the high seas for the larger part of the 18th and 19th centuries. There are a multitude of factors in this story in which outline the real life day-to-day faring of a sea captain, the ship, her crew and their struggles in this era, such as: Blockades and privateering, navigation and seamanship, rations and supplies, and the issues of crew payment, recruiting and welfare….  

The Importance of Houses in E.M. Forester?s Howards End

– … In the beginning of the book Forester makes his readers aware that Schlegal’s sees Wickham Place as the Wilcox family sees Howards End as a more or less ancestral home. Margaret feels that the Wilcoxes stand for the practicality of the real world. While the Schlegel family live within their similarly essential area of morals and intellectual values, the Wilcoxes epitomize the other end of the spectrum of that lifestyle. When the reader is looking into her feelings pertaining to a house, they see that Margaret views are that the house can be any place as long as there is a feeling of safety and comfort along with several item of familiarity can a house is called a home….  

Dysfunctional Relationships in E. M. Forester?s A Room with a View

– … Controlling behaviour is also seen to be destructive through the relationship of Charlotte and Lucy, two cousins. The novel starts off with Lucy pitying Charlotte, thus showing her immense care for her cousin. However, as Charlotte begins to restrict Lucy’s behaviour as seen when she cuts Lucy off several times, while speaking and ultimately never lets her speak to other guests at the pension. Charlotte’s dominance over Lucy furthers to the point of convincing Lucy to lie to her own mother, for Charlotte’s benefit….