Food taster or grader Essay

Food taster or grader Essay

Phenylthiocarbamide Taster Status

– Correlation between phenylthiocarbamide taster status and quinine sensitivity Introduction Each person has unique preferences for certain tastes and types of food. Some of these preferences are due to environmental factors, while others have genetic components (Yeomans 2010). One such genetically influenced trait is the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). PTC was discovered by accident in 1931 by colleagues Arthur Fox and C. R. Noller. While working in the laboratory, dust from the PTC bottle flew around and Noller complained of the bitter taste while Fox noticed nothing….  

School Cafeteria Food

– Have you ever tasted school cafeteria food. I don’t think you would want to. In school story books, do you have characters saying that the food tasted good at school cafeterias. Nope. Why is this. Cafeteria food is often cheap, bought in bulk, high in calories, malnutritious, and microwaved. Student polls and opinions prove this. Therefore, this leads to a suggestion: Healthier, tastier foods and a better, advanced lunch system should be implemented. First of all, students aren’t motivated to eat unhealthy, not-tasty food….  

Local Food vs Globalization

– Food products of giant multinational corporations such as McDonald’s have huge impacts on people’s food preference since fast food became so popular and is familiar all over the world that people’s food preference are often set by their eating experience of the fast food in their childhood. For some people, the fast-food tastes become the standards. On the other hand, more high-graded restaurants that serve local specialties with the local ingredients receive stars on the Michelin and other restaurant guides for gourmands….  

Fluent in the Language of Food

– The experience associated with the preparation and consumption of food always fosters some method of communication. Even without words, food provides information about a person’s religion, lifestyle, wealth, and culture. In Babette’s Feast and Eat Drink Man Woman, this experience of food is primarily how the characters communicate and always involves everyone gathering together. In each film, communication revolves around the consumption or preparation of food. With Babette’s (sometimes unwanted) help, Martine and Philippa come to realize how good food is actually nourishment to the mind and body and evolve from their jaded ways….  

My Choice of Food in Canada

– Food is something we all need to survive yet often times it is more than just that. Food is a way to connect with our heritage, to celebrate, and to relive memories. Certain foods bring back a thousand memories while others are simply repulsing. Whether it be cinnamon buns or chocolate cake, we all have a food that is our favorite. When someone asks us to give a description of ourselves, favorite foods are used to describe who we are. Food can change a bad day, food can be the highlight of your day….