Food server (not in restaurants) Essay

Food server (not in restaurants) Essay

Technology System Options in Restaurants

– … Being able to control inventory can save a business thousands of dollars, making it a great fit for any restaurant operation. A point of sales system is another great addition to nay growing business. The POS has many functions. The POS will contain a register for purchases, have the ability to track reports and menu maintenance, improve service speed, and enhance customer service. To increase service speed, the POS efficiently makes order entries that are then transferred to the kitchen. This results in fewer mistakes and the ability to track ticket and wait times….  

SWAT analysis for Victoria Station Restaurants

– Victoria Station Strengths Concept uniqueness- Concept based restaurants’ rely on decor and novelty themes, which are appealing enough to the customers to draw in business. For example: Hard Rock Cafe, Applebee’s, Rolling Rock Cafe, or Outback Steakhouse. The Victoria Station utilized the English depot paraphernalia to support the theme; gas lights, a red English telephone booth, and a London taxi. Quality control- The beef was cut to specifications, used controlled- portion fillets/top sirloin butts, and a computerized checking system to verify that unapproved vendors would be brought to management’s attention should any items be purchased off of the approved purveyor list….  

The Visual Appeal of Food

– … For food to be designed well, they need to have several key points, like color, placements, and proportions. Also, the points need to complement each other. Color is important in both the food and the tableware. A table that is set with a variety of colors is much more appealing than one that is all white or brown. Very few people are going to want to eat a plate of food that is all white and tan. Plates of food with a variety of colors look much more appealing, and therefore, people, as a general rule, will think that it actually tastes better too….  

Observational Experience: Why Do Usually People Eat Out at a Restaurant?

– … And it consists of 3 cooking staff and two cleaning staff. After the entry through the main entrance one has to walk 30 feet to reach the front desk, and looking at the ambience of the restaurant the restaurant dining room is divided from kitchen by colorful panels. Attractive lighting is placed on the walls with authentic interpretations of classic Indian music and a muted TV with Indian favorite sport cricket telecasted. Apart from this many comic books are placed at the entrance for the kids, and football table at the entrance for fun time, if the order is delayed….  

Cerar’s Barnstormer Restaurant Description

– Located east of the small town of Monmouth, Illinois is Cerar’s Barnstormer. Cerar’s is very unassuming from the outside. There are no gleaming neon signs, outdoor smoking areas or music played over speakers like you’d find at, say, Texas Roadhouse. It has a simple, lighted sign displaying the restaurant’s name and a tattered orange windsock reflecting the aviation theme for which it’s named and decorated. Looks, however, can be deceiving; as is the case with Cerar’s Barnstormer. Once inside you’ll find a dining experience that is usually only found at upper end restaurants in larger metropolitan areas…. ;