Food scientist Essay

Food scientist Essay

The Abilitiy to Genetically Modify Food with Technology

– Technology has brought us to a very informative generation. We now hold all of the information that you could ever possibly need in the palm of our hands. Overtime, these technologies and discoveries have helped us in various positive aspects, whether it is saving someone’s life, providing communication, or getting us through a crisis. This time, I will concentrate on the abilitiy to genetically modify food with technology. This is probably something that happens more often that we realize but we do not necesarily stop to think about it…. ;

It’s Time To Break the Fast-Food Addiction

– “Future historians, I hope, will consider the American fast food industry a relic of the twentieth century–a set of attitudes, systems, and beliefs that emerged from postwar southern California, that embodied its limitless faith in technology, that quickly spread across the globe, flourished briefly, and then receded, once its true costs became clear…” — Eric Schlosser — Fast Food Nation Is fast food worth the trouble it may cause you?  Obesity is a growing problem and it is taking a toll on kids’ health due to eating too much fast food.  But w…  

Aspirations to be a Top Forensic Scientist

– My career goal is to aspire to become one of the top Forensic Scientist in the country, and eventually become an International Baccalaureate Chemistry teacher. I developed my career off of my passion of science and math with the need capitalize on my capabilities and explore the nature of the world and be able to share my knowledge with the younger generation. For each payment, I have received I saved 50% of it towards a college savings bank account, 25% towards personal expenses, such as clothes, movies, sports etc, and the last 25% always goes towards helping helping out my mother with house expenses, though she does not approve but still appreciates and is grateful for, I contribute to he…  

What is Genetically Modified Food

– … 5)What it the designed purpose of GMO. 6)What laws govern GMO. 7)Where is GMO most commonly found. 8)How to avoid GMO. 9)What research is being done. 10)What are the most common allergens found in GMO. 11)How are they effecting children. 12)What do we know and what are we guessing. 13)Are GMO foods served in schools. 14)Is GMO used in other countries. 15)How are other countries controlling GMO. First of all I learned the the definition of GMO: a genetically modified organism thats genetic material has been altered….  

Benefits of Genetically Engineered Food

– The scientific breakthrough of genetic engineering can completely alter human history. Genetic engineering, also known as genetic modification, transforms genetic material in living organisms in order to produce desirable traits. Although the manipulation of genetic material in food seems uncommon, over majority of food contain ingredients that were genetically altered. The entire world’s food supply can potentially be modified to produce more desirable traits in both plants and animals. There are absolutely zero negative health risks associated with genetically modified food and numerous researches conducted before releasing a genetically modified food to the public….