Fisheries deckhand Essay

Fisheries deckhand Essay

Simulation for Fisheries

– The Common Property Resource Problem The situation portrayed in the Fish Bank Simulator is one shared across common access resources: a situation where long term sustainability is sacrificed for short term gain. This problem is shared across the Northern Atlantic where fish populations have declined rapidly due to overfishing. To combat this problem area, new policies need to be put in place that use multiple strategies to combat the issue, use local resources as well as federal and state oversight, and have room to adapt to changing situations in our environment….  

Regulating the Bluefin Tuna Fisheries

– … In the European Commission, this was conversed in order to reach a compromise for the issue. EU and International rules also decided to chastise the member states that exceed their quotas. The bright example for this is [France which was one of the main offenders according to the figures collected by environmental group WWF. High rates overfishing triggered the decline of Bluefin Tuna, and this is the best productive tuna which is exported to Japan for sushi. According to this, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France closed their fisheries for 2007], _ ( 19/09/2007)….  

Artificial Reefs Used as Fisheries

– … Results from the grain size analysis show that sediments are composed almost entirely of fine sands, with only minor percentages (1.18 to 7.22%) of silt and clay. Most of the samples taken from the three sites show 84% or higher in the fine sand range indicating that the material is well-sorted and located in low-medium energy environments. Low benthic habitat value was evident in the video from all three locations. Bottom habitat features included Crepidula spp. and Mytilus edulis shell hash….  

Replenishing Global Fisheries

– As frightening as it is, in the near future, the world will observe exceeding desire for products produced through the aquaculture industry; however, this surge in predilection towards the industry will have no room (Mfadwo and Tsamenyi 121). Foremost, global climate change expects to contribute to disrupting migration patterns and possibly dilapidate local environments (Axelrod 64: Sumaila “Benefits” 1). Furthermore, when stocks receive extensive commercial fishing, the international community experiences a backlash….  

The Business Adaptabilities Of Fisheries

– Fisheries, the harvesting of wild fish and other aquatic animals, often play a valuable role in livelihood strategies that is not readily replaced by the development of irrigated agriculture. Despite this, the impacts of irrigation development and management on fisheries are seldom considered. Viewing fisheries and irrigation within an integrated and participatory management framework ensures that livelihoods and food security are enhanced rather than hurt by irrigation development. And it provides an opportunity to increase the overall productivity of irrigation systems?at little additional cost….