Firefighter Essay

Firefighter Essay

What about a Firefighter?

– In the silence of the night, as one is entering into the relaxing state of dreaming, the radio scanner sends out a familiar pitch. Low and then high, I leap out of bed with anticipation. With a bit of luck, I will remember to put on clothes: are they mine, and are they right side out and not on backwards. How could something which seems so insignificant to nearly everyone else, make my heart start pounding and my adrenaline running. Ever since I was a young adult, I have wanted to be an EMT. Blood, pain, needles, car accidents, none of it bothers me….  

Rapid Intervention Team: A Firefighters Savior

– Firefighters get hurt often; one tool in the arsenal to prevent or reduce this is called a RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). This is also known a FAST (Firefighter Assistance and Search Team). The RIT/FAST is designed to essentially go in to a building to rescue the firefighters that are injured or trapped. Throughout the years, researchers have studied firefighter line of duty deaths (LODD) to determine what firefighters are doing wrong. In Pennsylvania, in 1995, three firefighters were lost when a collapse occurred in a house fire, killing all three….  

What It Takes to Become a Firefighter

– … Part of the time that female are at a fire station they get sexually harassed by the male firemen. There have been cases of men hiding video cameras in small place to video tape these ladies and show it to the whole fire house, but in these cases then man where severely reprimanded and no other places would hire them. Other than those cases many women have become very successful in the world of firefighting, so there should not be any fuss that a woman is a firefighter, because they are trying to save lives the same way that men are and sometimes even better….  

Can a Woman be a Firefighter

– Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a women firefighter; the problems, the stress, the trauma. Well to even begin to answer that question, first, you need to know what a firefighter is to begin with. Everyone has their own interpretation of what a firefighter is or does. The dictionaries definition says, “A person who is trained to put fires out, rescue people from fires, educate the public about fire prevention, and help people in other emergencies.” My definition of a firefighter growing up was a person who runs through burning building and found people who are screaming and crying, to save them….  

Is Firefighter Equipment Safe Enough?

– … My brother, Alex Paris, a firefighter in Prince William County said, “I think the equipment we have today is very safe maybe almost too safe because it is causing us to go further in the fire and not being able to feel the heat. In the past firefighters used their ears as sensors to determine when it was too hot and time to back out but now we have nomex hoods that prevent us from doing this.” When I asked him if there were any concerns he had with it he said, “I would like to have a facemask with increased visibility in very smoky conditions….