Epidemiologist Essay

Epidemiologist Essay

Case Study on Birth Defects

– … Al, 2007). The chain of transmission was well-documented, and some patients survived because they acquired a strong immunity with antibodies. One major dilemma occurred when a nurse became infected with the virus. Some of the disease specialists wanted to find a survivor with her same blood type and give her a transfusion. Many of the foreign doctors were not supportive of this decision, however, because there was a chance that she didn’t have Ebola (Bienstock et. Al, 2007). They were also apprehensive because they did not have the means for plasma only, so whole blood would have to be transfused….  

Pertussis or Whooping Cough Can Lead to Death

– … The data examined only deaths categorized as A37, Whooping Cough and including the subcategories A37.0 (due to Bordetella pertussis) A37.1 (due to Bordetella parapertussis), A37.8 (due to other Bordetella species), and A37.9 (unspecified), as the underlying cause of death, which only identifies one disease leading to death. Individuals from under 1 year old and greater were included in the analysis as well as not stated or unknown age. The analysis used actual morality numbers provided by CDC Wonder, furthermore, any attempts to use standard age adjusted rated proved to be unreliable….  

Exploring the Impact of Epidemiology and Political Economy on Fighting Cardiovascular Disease

– Society is unaware of how vital epidemiology and political economy is to cardiovascular disease and as well as their well being. One of the leading causes of death in society is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease usually occurs in low income families. An epidemiologist studies the causes and transmission of the ailment within a population. As an epidemiologist, they need to take into account factors such as: the population’s usage of tobacco, an individual’s unhealthy diet, and the person’s physical inactivity….  

Cultural Determinants Are Key to the Process of Determining Health Problems and Disease Causes

– During the introductory part of the story Kidder, the author, meets Dr. Paul Farmer and we learn from the beginning much of Dr. Farmer’s character. Throughout the book we find Farmer as the heart, both strong and devoted to the long defeat. His caring heart and sacrificial lifestyle has led him to Haiti, Peru, and Russia to eradicate poverty by providing discovery medicine to fight infectious disease. His main focus was towards Haiti; as we learn he spent 8 of 12 months there every year and even sneaked in by bribery in one instance (Kidder, 2004)….  

Susser’s Three Characteristics to Argue that the Outcome and Exposure can only be Inferred from Epidemiological Studies

– The scientific method is built on the principle that nothing can ever be proved as definitively true. Rather, once a hypothesis is proposed, evidence can be generated in favor of the hypothesis or in favor of an alternative hypothesis. When enough evidence is gathered in one direction or the other, the original hypothesis is either accepted or debunked in favor of an alternative. As scientific work is always in flux, any previously accepted theory can always be overturned by new evidence.1, 2 Many epidemiologists accept Popper’s thesis that causality can never be truly proven; although, once enough reliable evidence has been accumulated, a causal relationship can be inferred.2 The question o… ;