Environmental protection manager Essay

Environmental protection manager Essay

Safety Manager

– Safety Manager Background The safety management profession in engineering was created for the purpose of managing risk through minimizing it to acceptable levels or eliminating it completely. Risk in engineering refers to the probability of occurrence of a failure, and the consequences of the failure. For instance, failure of engineering concepts or designs may result in property damage, injuries, fatalities, and even deaths. The probability of occurrence of failure in engineering is difficult to predict as it could be caused by operator errors, environmental effects, and mechanical failures….  

OSHA?s Whistleblower Protection Program

– … After nine months, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, and in March 2007 to Executive Vice President of Fraud Risk Management. In that position, she supervised 30-40 staff members responsible for investigating mortgage origination fraud. Foster was also in charge for reporting fraud and suspicious activity to regulators and the company’s Board of Directors. In February 2008, Foster had discovered equally shocking activities in investigations in Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles…. ;

Environmental Science

– When we sit in a science class, most of the time we are bored as bored can get. We really do not get a chance to explore on our own to find out what’s really out there. Teachers sometimes are not able to get in depth outside the textbook because they are required to teach that all in the year. That is why a lot of kids do not really get into science because they are stuck to the book all the time. Some kids love science and do not really care about the work they have to do. Environmental science, is more than the book really says…. ;

My Motivation to Persure a Degree in Environmental Science

– Firstly, increasing population and industrialization has led to an increase in environmental problems which require expertise in other to develop effective strategies to solving them. Currently, about 37% of the world population lacks access to improved sanitation, 12% of the global population lack access to improved drinking water source whiles another 12% is under-nourished. With the right environmental management strategies, all these problems will be effectively addressed. Again, global warming and climate change is another global problem which requires urgent solutions…. ;

Developing Countries and Environmeantal Protection

– Developing countries need to prioritize environmental protection over resource extraction because of corruption, the resource curse, and the advantageous effects of ensuring environmental stability. The reason this conflict is so pressing is because many people think that resource extraction is the best means of economic growth. Developing countries, however, do not necessarily manage their wealth very efficiently. Most developing countries need to focus on the environment to do the most good for the largest amount of people…. ;