Embroiding machine operator Essay

Embroiding machine operator Essay

Taking a Look at the Linotype Machine

– … After the information is typed, the machine retrieves the type, which is now ready for printing. The main parts of the Linotype machine are the magazine, the keyboard, the casting mechanism, and the distributing mechanism. Each part plays an important role in producing each line of type. The magazine holds each matrix or individual type case. Each matrix is placed in its particular order by the command given by the keyboard. This is controlled by the operator. After the operator has finished typing, the machine completes the process mechanically….  

The Therac-25 Radiation Therapy Machine

– … “Between June 1985 and January 1987, six patients were seriously injured or killed by unsafe administration of radiation from the Therac-25 medical linear accelerator” (Death and Denial). The first accident occurred on a 61-year old woman who was at a follow-up appointment after a breast tumor was removed. She felt a burning sensation and told the operator “you burned me”. She developed swelling and reddening, but the AECL declared this a normal treatment reaction and not a machine malfunction….  

History of the Early Vending Machine and Design

– 2. Literature review An early vending machine is invented by Hero of Alexandria, a first-century engineer and mathematician [1]. In 1876, Simeon Denham built a vending machine dispensing stamps called “the first fully automatic vending machine”. A modern coin-operated vending machine was first introduced in London in 1883 by Percival Everitt. After that, vending machines have become well-known and been widely used in England. The following is details about background knowledge related to the design of the vending machine….  

Fuzzy Systems and Machine Intelligence

– Fuzzy Systems and Machine Intelligence Abstract: Our natural language is perhaps the most powerful form of communicating information for any given problem or situation. Combining natural language and numerical information into fuzzy systems provides the framework to represent knowledge, constraints and inference procedures. Fuzzy systems provide advantages in the development of systems solutions that perform tasks such as automatic modeling, prediction, pattern recognition, and optimal decision making, control and planning….  

Bridging The Gap That Separates Man From Machine

– The computer: arguably one of man’s greatest inventions. It has done everything from trivializing routine tasks to aiding in humanities quest to the heavens and beyond. It connects us to our neighbors across the street, and across the world. It keeps us entertained and informed. Yet for all the tasks modern computers can accomplish with precision and easy, they are still incapable of responding to our conscience and unconscious minds. The classic method of human-computer interaction is through a mouse and keyboard….