Embedded system designer Essay

Embedded system designer Essay

System on Chip Overview

– System on Chip Overview As the microelectronic and VLSI technologies matured, the number of components on a single silicon chip also increased, reaching a point in which a complete electronic system fits in a single integrated circuit. At that moment, the System on Chip was born. This trend in electronics (and computers) can be described in evolution periods. From 1960 to 1975, it was the mainframe computer age, where integrated circuits where designed looking only on performance. In the next 15 years, the network age occurred; in this time the VLSI technologies evolved considerably because the main design objective was cost/performance oriented….  

The Need for an Embedded Processor

– … 2 Objective of Project Chapter 2. BLOCK DIAGRAM The system comprises of component like central processing unit, interfacing unit , communication unit, power supply where in central processing unit includes LM 3S8962 embedded processor, interfacing units includes sensors and relays and communication unit includes PC interface port . Figure 2. 1 Block Diagram of Project Project contains following blocks:- • Sensors like temperature, pressure, flow control etc. • EKK LM 3S8962 Controller ( Cortex-m3) • GSM Modem • Relay with Devices controlled • PC interface port – GUI interface • SD card for data storage 2.1….  

Taking a Look Inside a System on Chip (SOP)

– … In addition to attaching to memory devices, an SOC provides segment- or application-specific interfaces. Examples of integrated devices are general purpose input/output pins, interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, PCIe, serial ports, I2C, expansion parallel buses, and integrated display controllers. Many of these devices interface to nonvolatile storage such as NOR Flash via Serial Peripheral Interconnect (SPI), and native bus interface types. As a general rule, these integrated items are predominantly digital logic elements….  

Designer Charles Eames’ Design Icon: The Eames Chair

– The Eames chair designed by Charles Eames in 1955. Charles Eames was born in 1907 and dies in 1978, the Eames chair was named after the designer itself it took 80 years for prototype. Eames was best known as the designer responsible for many classic iconic designs of the 20th century, Eames was born in St Louis, Missouri and studied architecture at Washington University, he got married in 1941 and moved to California to set up a ground breaking design studio. The chair was design for exterior use however it became very popular as an office chair…. ;

Embedded Devices Popular Solution for Some Applecations

– In recent years, embedded devices become more and more popular solution for certain applications. This popularity ensures security concerns. Security becomes a critical issue in both software as physical attack aimed at intellectual theft, determining the secret key and etc. In this paper we introduce several security algorithms intended for embedded devices to unsure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication of the information data. Embedded systems are low powered devices that are used in various applications…. ;