Elevator installer or repairer Essay

Elevator installer or repairer Essay

An Overview of the Indian Elevator Market

– An Overview of the Indian Elevator Market Since the liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991, there has been a great increase in the demand for elevators, also the government had imposed a ban on collapsible gate elevators, thus creating a path for international players to capture this segment. During this period Schindler was trying to establish at 100% subsidiary to start its operations in India. Indian customers are considered to be price sensitive and majority of the market preferred single door speed elevators (65%) and then two door speed elevators (20%)….  

The Invention of the Elevator

– Throughout the history, buildings and apartments are all constructed in low-rise applications, causing huge amounts of land being consumed in such a small area. The reason why these structures are built in such a low level is because there was nothing to rise people up to higher levels. The invention of the elevator has had a great contribution towards the solution of this problem, which not only allows people to have the ability to get to higher floors, and also decreases the amount of land being used in our small city….  

Elevators to Space

– The idea of an elevator into space is not a new one. First contemplated by a Russian scientist in 1895, it was not truly popularized until Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Fountains of Paradise in 1978. The idea is so simple, it seems absurd. A tether is extended from the surface of the earth, and using a combination of gravity and centrifugal force, is extended outwards. Vehicles can then scale this tether, removing the need for costly rockets. Arthur C. Clarke claims that the space elevator is an attainable goal, and we will have one “about 10 years after people stop laughing.” However, before it can be constructed, there are many engineering issues that need to be worked out….  

The Elevator

– “Unconfirmed reports from Rikkers Islands says that one of their inmates hasescaped, and may be in the vacinity,” the DJ on Amy Batts’s car radio reported. ‘Great. Another thing to worry about,’ Amy thought as she pulled her car into the parking garage. “It is rumored that the prisoner that alledgedly escaped as a distingising tatoo on his right hand. Its suppossedly of a snake wrapped around a young girl,’ the DJ was saying as Amy parked her car. It was almost 8:30 on Tuesday night at Smith & Johnson’s Law Firm….  

Elevator History

– An elevator is a mechanism for moving people and freight from level to level in a building or any other structure. The first elevator-like structure was built in 236 BC by the Archimeds. This construction was a hoist operated by ropes and pulleys. However, the first pragmatic elevator was not developed until the 19th century. Though sensible, this elevator has been modified many times throughout the course of history and is still updated with all of the new advancements in math and technology….