Electronics engineer Essay

Electronics engineer Essay

Electrical/Electronics Engineer

– … Electrical engineers design new ways to use electrical power to develop or improve products, do detailed calculations to improve production, installation standards and specifications. Electronics engineers usually design electrical components (software, medical, military, scientific, etc.). They also analyze customer needs and determine electrical system requirements. Electrical engineers inspect electrical equipment, instruments, and systems to make sure they meet safety standards. Electrical engineers have many other duties to plan, develop, and inspect electrical equipment and applications….  

My Road to Becoming an Engineer

– “If I can can, you can can”. This was the last sentence of an inspirational TED talk by a stand-up comedian about how she tackled the obstacles in her life with humour and grace and refusal to give up. Similar was my expression when I visited a science exhibition organized at my school where stupendous projects were presented by the students. That was when I decided I would be an engineer. As I began to pursue this newfound interest, I soon realized that there’s engineering to show off, and then there’s the engineering that runs in the background….  

Arduino Uno as an Easy to Use Microcontroller for the Non-Engineer

– Introduction The microcontroller, Arduino, was created in 2005. Before then, a consumer would choose between either a PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) microcontroller or a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). Although both cost less money, they are difficult to understand and use. Although Arduinos are more expensive, they offer many benefits. Arduinos have their own USB interface controller on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which allows for easier connectivity between the Arduino and the computer….  

Career: Computer Hardware Engineer

– … This can vary from anything to circuit boards and microprocessors to routers or cable boxes. Some computer hardware engineers update & modify existing computer equipment to be more effective in its specific field, while others work with newer software. Most computer hardware engineers work in research laboratories and high-tech manufacturing buildings, but there is always a fair share of garage junkies out there. Computer hardware engineers specialize in more hands on work and testing than most computer engineering fields….  

Electronics and Communication Engeineering

– As a recent graduate from the University of Pune in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have been innately curious throughout my life and I have interests in topics like genetics, evolutionary psychology, game theory and neurobiology. My current interests in electronics are in smart grids, SiC-based power devices, power converters and integration of power and control systems like power-supply on chip. My first experience with applied electronics was in my second semester. I was part of a 3-member team that designed an automatic water tap which controlled the flow of water based on the light intensity on a photodiode for the science exhibition….