Electrician high voltage Essay

Electrician high voltage Essay

The Electrician’s Dilemma

– The Electrician’s Dilemma An electrician has been asked to repair an old radio. He believes that he needs a resistance of 1.9 ohms which is not easily obtained. You are provided with some reels of resistance wire and are asked to plan and carry out an investigation to help the electrician solve this problem. When your investigation has been concluded you discover that a resistance of 28.5 ohms is also required to complete the repair. Show how you use the data from your investigation to also obtain this resistance….  

High Voltage Cable Electrical Test

– … The other cable testing has been conducted by Ergon Energy is an electrical testing for an underground distribution construction. For the high voltage cable testing it is preferred to use a remote switching device to energize the cable for the first time. The Cable Sheath Integrity Test (IR Test) prior to application of joints and terminations. The test is performed after the installation of the cable, but prior to the application of the terminations and joints. This test functions to checks the sheath damage….  

The Invention of Electricity: Benjamin Franklin

– Electrician You walk into a dark room and flip a switch; suddenly, the room is no longer dark. Have you ever wondered how the electricity in your business or house works. Electricians study the ways to install the wiring and electrify indoor and outdoor spaces for comfort and safety. While most people take, the electricity we use for granted, electricians must know and ensure every detail is perfect. Careers in electricity require dedicated professionals who spend many hours of schooling learning about how to safely create lighted spaces and outlets for electrical components and usage….  

Powering A World; Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law

– I. Introduction In today’s society, the need to have an adequate supply of electricity to run everyday tasks is in greater demand than ever. Everyday we turn our lights in our homes on and off without really thinking about if there is enough electricity to power each and every light. Throughout this paper, we examine Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law the sum of the electrical potential differences around any closed network is zero [1]. Represented by the equation ?V=0, which means v1+ v2+ v3+…+ vn=0 [2]…. ;

A High-Voltage Compliant Microelectrode Array Driver for Neuro Prosthesis

– … In our case, the value of Re has been reduced to 50k? to comply with iridium-oxide coated silicon microelectrode from Blacrock Microsystems. Rm is the resistance of microelectrode metallic part between the back of the microelectrode and the microelectrode driver, and Rs is the saline spreading resistance. The values of Rm and Rs are set to 1.5? and 11.7k? respectively [38]. Works Cited Hasanuzzaman, Md., Rabin Raut, and Mohamad Sawan, “A high-impedance microelectrode driver dedicated for visual intracortical microstimulation”, 2012 IEEE 55th International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS)…. ;