Electrical engineer (professional) Essay

Electrical engineer (professional) Essay

The Audio Engineer as an Industry Professional

– The Audio Engineer as an Industry Professional As soon as the beats of our favourite songs or musics pierces our ears, feet tap as fingers mingle. Music is what fascinates one and all, but is anyone bothered about who in which are behind this fascination and happiness. Is it the musician, singer or the album producer. Yes, they all have their part to play but it is the audio engineers who help even singers or musicians in the 21st century to realise their dream. These audio engineers are people that have brought about the dramatic changes to the face of music….  

Future Career as a Computer Engineer

– The early history of computer engineering, which we know now as, but during 1955 it was known software engineering (Pioneering Era). Computer engineering has been a revalent job in the United States from 1955 until present day 2014. This job started out during a time period known as the Pioneering Era. This was a time when the first computers came out and software programmers had to rewrite all of their programs to run on these new machines now known today as computer. Jobs back then and know was applied for by signing up on the machines….  

My Road to Becoming an Engineer

– “If I can can, you can can”. This was the last sentence of an inspirational TED talk by a stand-up comedian about how she tackled the obstacles in her life with humour and grace and refusal to give up. Similar was my expression when I visited a science exhibition organized at my school where stupendous projects were presented by the students. That was when I decided I would be an engineer. As I began to pursue this newfound interest, I soon realized that there’s engineering to show off, and then there’s the engineering that runs in the background….  

Statement of Purpose as Petroleum Engineer

– … The courses that I credited during my sophomore and junior years were a rich blend of science and practical engineering all reflecting a balance between its application and theory. It extended from Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Measurements, Advanced Control Systems, Digital Control Systems to core Instrumentation subjects like Industrial Process Control , Advanced Instrumentation (Elective-I) and Nuclear Instrumentation (Elective-II). The knowledge I gained from the courses was substantiated by undertaking several lab sessions during the program….  

Statement of Purpose for the Field of Electrical Engineering

– … My penchant for Electronic Systems accompanied by an affinity for Physics and Mathematics, have made my choice as a Electronic undergraduate obvious. The enthralling undergraduate journey made me discover many fascinating and imperative virtues of Electrical Engineering. Enamored with the vast domain of this subject I have developed interest in subjects like Elcetronic Devices and Circuits, Electronic Circuit Analysis,Microwave Engineering.Apart from these conventional subjects, courses like Very large scale Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems , Microprocessors and MicroControllers utterly excited me….