Election observer Essay

Election observer Essay

The Presidential Election of 2000

– The Presidential Election of 2000 The Presidential Election of 2000 is the closet election in history. It took five weeks to decide who would be the next president of the United States of America. On December 12, 2000, the US Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 vote to stop recounting the undervotes. The decision reversed the ruling in Florida made by Florida’s Supreme Court. The Florida justices Fred Lewis, Harry Anstead, Leander Shaw, Jr., Charles T. Wells, Major Harding, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince had voted 4-3 to recount all the undervotes of Florida’s 67 counties….  

Six Steps for the General Election in Malaysia

– According to the Election Commission of Malaysia, there are six steps for the General Election in Malaysia. It consists of the issuance of the writ, nomination of candidates, election campaign, polling, counting of votes, announcement of results. Firstly, a writ to the Returning Officer will be issued by the Election Committee under the Elections Act 1958 after the dissolution of the Parliament or a State Legislative Assembly or in the event of a casual vacancy. The returning officer can conduct the elections then….  

The 1860 Presidential Election

– The presidential elections of 1860 was one of the nation’s most memorable one. The north and the south sections of country had a completely different vision of how they envision their home land. What made this worst was that their view was completely opposite of each other. The north, mostly republican supporters, want America to be free; free of slaves and free from bondages. While on the other hand, the south supporters, mostly democratic states, wanted slavery in the country, because this is what they earned their daily living and profit from….  

The Election of 1896 and William McKinley

– The election of 1896 was between William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan. William McKinley was the republican candidate for president and William Jennings Bryan was the democratic candidate. Both candidates had different campaign styles and different supporters. Big businessmen supported McKinley and most common men supported Bryan. William McKinley’s campaign style was a front porch campaign while Bryan had a moving campaign. Mark Hanna played an important role as William McKinley’s campaign manager….  

The Virgina Election of 2013

– While many states took a break from the never-ending cycle of election, Virginian isn’t so lucky. Virginia is the only state in the country that has a statewide election every year. This year elections pit two candidates that couldn’t be more different candidates. For the Republican their candidate is a fire-brand republican and the sitting attorney general Ken Cuccinelli. For the Democrats the candidate is the DNC former chairman and a flamboyant fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe. The race was predicted to be the most expensive and divisive race for the governor mansion in the commonwealth….