Educational counsellor Essay

Educational counsellor Essay

A Reflective Comparison of the Person- Centred and Reality Therapy Elements in Egan’s (2007) The Skilled Helper, Addressed Within an Educational Conte

– Counselling is a term used for a developed relationship that exists through dialogue between a therapist and client. The fundamental purpose of counselling is for the therapist to help the client to overcome problems or learn to cope. Within the context of the Skilled Helper, Egan’s (2001) ‘help’ is a learned experience in human behaviour that progresses through a client/helper relationship addressing both the problem-situations and missed opportunities that clients encounter. The Person- Centered therapy, which is a subsidiary of the Existential approach, has direct links within the skilled helper through the emphasis on client/therapist relationships and demonstrated empathetic caring qual…  

Characteristics of a Professional and Effective Counsellor

– 1. Introduction The aim of this essay is to examine, discuss and analyse the characteristics and attributes of an effective and professional counsellor. This essay will examine the definition of counselling, determine the necessary skills needed in order to be effective, explore the counselling process and consider the ethics and values defined within the framework of professional therapy. There has been an increase in the focus on training of counsellors in South Africa, whilst encouraging them to be professionally accredited with the HPCSA….  

Mediation and Advocacy as a Counsellor

– When working as a counsellor, it will soon become very apparent that there is no perfect or set way of helping a client because client situations can be very different and far apart. Clients may ask for direct advice for their problems, but to be a clear and effective counsellor you need to find the best way to assist in empowering a client with the skills to make their own solutions. Most counsellors will borrow from many different frameworks, known as an integrative approach, as different clients have different needs….  

How J. Oakes’ Educational Horizons Relates to My Own Experiences with Education

– I have always done well on my standardized tests, though I didn’t have as many as the children of America do today. I was always placed in the highest classes, and my dad was always proud of me. I never realized that I was truly getting a different education then most other kids in my school. After reading Educational Horizons, by J. Oakes, I understand how I was really in a different world than my peers. Everybody would always talk about how effortless their classes were and how they never had any homework…. ;

The Role of the Modern Educational Leader

– Abstract The modern educational leader must understand that their role is no longer to run the day to day operations of the school district or school. The role has been transformed to incorporate motivating students and teachers alike as well as creating visions and mission for the direction the leader would like to take with the organization. Leaders challenge and inspire people to go above and beyond their comfort zones. They have the ability to influence and enlist the support of others towards accomplishing specific goals…. ;