E-learning architect Essay

E-learning architect Essay

Occupational Research Report: A Career as an Architect

– This Occupational Research Report is based on the career information obtained on the occupation of architecture. if focuses on the potential career of being an architect, the steps leading to obtaining a position and training, as well as the future growth and outlook of this occupation. According to Lee W. Waldrep (2010), author of the book Becoming an Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design, an architect is an imaginative person who designs a wide spectrum of structures for buildings (Waldrep, 2010, p 2)….  

The Writer: Architect of Storytelling

– I hate math; there is no way around this fact. From the onset of my re-entry into the world of academia and learning, it has weighed heavily upon my mind and I had buried this trepidation deep in my subconscious. I began my college career just before I turned 40 with grand aspirations of becoming an architect. At age 45 plus, the projected age I would earn my bachelor’s degree in architecture, time would be my enemy; it is generally a field populated by much younger, spry individuals. Upon further exploration though, it turns out that with my current educational plans, I would be closer to 50 by the time I earned that degree….  

Frank Lloyd Wright: An Inspiration to Future Architects

– From his beginnings in a little town in Wisconsin, the rise of a great architect commenced his journey. No one has attained his level of expertise in the architectural field. Frank Lloyd Wright’s accomplishments are unmatched, was inspired by natural and simplistic designs, and his career flourished by his ingenuity. Early on in his career, in the United States, gave Frank Lloyd Wright a varied amount of experiences. He was employed be Louis Sullivan for the architecture firm in Chicago by the name of Adler and Sullivan….  

Professional Learning Communities

– Over the past ten years, the term Professional Learning Community (PLC) has become the buzz word in schools that in most cases, means a meeting. This meeting can be anything from a faculty meeting, department meeting to a group of teachers that teaches the same subject. What happens in these meetings is decided by administrators and can be anything from policy trainings, best practices, and emergency training to a faculty book club. According to the premier architect of the PLC process, Richard DuFour, this perception of a PLC being any type of meeting is wrong….  

Art History: Filippo Brunelleschi Scuptor and Architect of the Renaissance Period

– Art History: Renaissance Filippo Brunelleschi was one of the greatest sculptors and architects of the Renaissance. His architectural achievements consist of some of the most well known and impressive structures not only of the Renaissance, but today. Not only were his structures amazing, but during his time he also invented new technology that would allow for his structures to be built. What would happen if Brunelleschi never designed architecture. We would have lost his inventions, his structures, and all of the work he inspired in other artists….