Dry cleaning machine operator Essay

Dry cleaning machine operator Essay

Dry Cleaning Services

– 1. Evaluate the opportunity that is identified by Chris and Val in the case using the analytical tools you have covered in class (8). Technology Dry cleaning business was facing some loopholes especially in upgrading their plants. Technology has been on the spotlight and drycleaners needed to embrace this fact to impress their customers (Guardian News and Media Limited). Superb for instance required a computer system to manage records and data. Many plants were not able to afford to upgrade their plants in terms of equipment and technology….  

Importance of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

– … If you have a law firm, medical facility or real estate office, then keeping everything in a building spotless is an excellent way to increase business. Getting a Building’s Details Cleaned Many managers are so busy assisting customers and clients, that they do not notice the little details in a building that are missed while cleaning. When was the last time you checked for dust on the molding above a doorway. A lot of debris collects on areas that are not noticed by most people. However, if a tall client or customer walks into your building, then they might see that dust and leave without buying a product or ordering a service….  

Lab: Triple Point of Dry Ice

– Lab: Triple Point of Dry Ice Introduction When a substance undergoes a triple point change, then it goes through all three of the states of matter: solid, liquid, as well as gas. When all three matters exist at the same time, it is extremely rare and an interesting sight to experience. A triple point is defined, specifically, as “ the temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid, and vapor phases of a pure substance can coexist in equilibrium” (1). An excellent example of a substance that has the ability to obtain a triple point would be dry ice….  

The Importance of Industrial Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Food Industry

– … Furthermore when cleaning one should scrape or remove food bits from the surface then proceed to, wash, rinse and, sanitize. Sanitizing reduces the pathogens on a surface to safe levels and it is done by using heat or chemicals. When using a heat sanitizing method the water must be at least 171°F (77°C) and, must be soaked for at least 30 seconds. Another method of heat sanitizing is running the dishes through a high temperature dishwasher. Chemicals include chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium compounds….  

Science Technicians and the Handling of Chemicals

– Handling Chemicals Chemicals are always handled cautiously. They should always be handled with care to prevent accidents. CLEAPSS provide the regulations to the technicians stating what you should wear while handling a chemical depending on the strength of the chemical. This is to minimise the chance of any accidents occurring. They also advise the technicians on the equipment they should use and how to transport the chemicals safely and efficiently. This makes sure that the technicians are protected from the potential risks of handling chemicals and ensures that the chemicals are transported safely and efficiently….