Dressmaker Essay

Dressmaker Essay

An Artist in her Way: Representations of the Woman Artist in Margaret Oliphant’s Kirsteen

– Representations of the Woman Artist in Margaret Oliphant’s Kirsteen Margaret Oliphant (1828-97) was a prolific writer. She published almost 100 novels as well as biographies, art criticism, travel writing, historical sketches, and over two hundred articlesfor periodicals like Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine andThe Cornhill Magazine, yet her ambivalence about representing herself as a serious artist in her Autobiography provides Oliphant aficionados with grist for speculation and conjecture: did Oliphant even think of herself as an artist…. ;

COOPA Project

– Fashion began in Paris at the end of the 19th century. That was when the first designer label was created. ‘Charles Frederick Worth’ was the one who began the fashion branding. Before the brand begun, the dressmaker are just a tailor who receives an order from their clients, who had seen the dresses from the illustrated magazine and wanted to make copies them. After Worth had changed the fashion rule, Dressmakers come to be more creative and dictate fashion. They produced their own gowns and gave their clients a little show…. ;

My Antonia

– “A plump, fair skinned girl was standing in the doorway. She looked demure and pretty, and made a graceful picture in her blue cashmere dress and little blue hat, with a plaid shawl neatly about her shoulders and a clumsy pocket book in her hand.” This is the first glimpse of the transformation from girl to successful woman of Lena Lingard in My Antonia, by Willa Cather. In the beginning of the book, Lena is portrayed as a struggling dressmaker, who because of her personality, goals, and motivation, becomes a successful individual…. ;

Floating Armless

– In A Prayer for Owen Meany John Ivring uses several symbols to explore the themes of fate and divine control. Ivring describes several objects and characters as being armless to represent a sacrifice made by a divine influence. Owen Meany in particular is often described as being above the ground to represent what he sees as his position as God’s instrument. Owen is first described as being held in the air when attending Sunday school(p 2). Later in the book John repeatedly picks up Owen and raises him to a basketball hoop so he can practice a slam dunk that becomes known as “the shot.” Before Owen’s death he is once again lifted to a high window using the shot in order to protect a group… ;

To What Extent Are Women Willing to Sacrifice In Order to Attain Their Culture’s Ideal Beauty Standards?

– Beauty is a very important aspect for women. A lot of pressure has been place on the female gender to attain a level of beauty that has been set by their culture and society. Due to the desperateness of wanting to be beautiful, women are willing to go to extreme lengths in order to please their family, themselves, and society. Although these measures were much more bizarre in the past than they are now, the present-day traditions of becoming beautiful are still ridiculous. Since women have been given this duty to represent the beauty of their culture, it has become an obligation to fulfill it…. ;