Dramaturge Essay

Dramaturge Essay

The Definition of Dramaturgy

– Dramaturgy is often referred to as being a very ‘slippery’ and indefinable word; though there are standard definitions available for us to find, we cannot seem to comprehend these definitions without exceptions arising. For example, the online Oxford English Dictionary defines dramaturgy as either being a ‘dramatic composition; the dramatic art’ or as ‘dramatic or theatrical acting.’ However, words such as ‘composition’ can be highly vague, leaving itself open to broad interpretations and debates via the scholars of drama and theatre studies….  

Erving Goffman and Dramaturgy

– … Majority of our time is spent in the position of front stage where we enact our roles. (Goffman,1959, p.14). Almost any place where we are in the presence of others we are in the position of front stage. The back stage is where individuals can be themselves without having to take on a specific role.(Goffman,1959, p.14) This is also a place where one can arrange themselves for the front stage. Off stage is when one is no longer performing and specific performances may be given to explicit audiences….  

Wilson’s “Fences”

– Fences was published in 1983 but the setting was the 1950s in August Wilsons home town. Wilson’s main purpose of this play is to show how the separation of humans into racial groups can create social and finance instability and can have a huge effect on African Americans and whites. The 1950s was the middle of the civil rights era. The Maxsons Family is African American, In the 1950s there was not many jobs for African Americans; most people believed that this is what pushed Troy to steal things in order to provide for his family…. ;

Le Theme de l’Unite et de l’Harmonie de l’Homme chez Friedrich Schiller

– Le Theme de l’Unite et de l’Harmonie de l’Homme chez Friedrich Schiller ABSTRACT: This study demonstrates that Schiller’s philosophical work is not limited only to the explanation of the artistic phenomenon as such, and that, for him, art represents the premise of philosophizing, of elaborating an original conception of the world and of humanity. I emphasize the way in which the poet and playwright uses art as a philosophical method with a view to penetrating meaning in the world and in life and to identifying a solution to the crisis confronted by modernity….  

Goodman Theatre and Beyond

– My summer marketing internship at Goodman Theatre changed the course of my life. Before last summer, I had only a vague idea of what my career goals were. Ever since my acting debut in my junior high’s production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, I have known that I wanted to work in theatre. My passion for the art has always been unwavering. I appreciated theatre’s important function as a mirror to society, and the dynamic relationship between audiences and live performers was infectious and addicting….