Diplomat Essay

Diplomat Essay

Benjamin Franklin: American Diplomat

– During the seventeen hundreds, the United States was created by a group of individuals who stressed the freedom, equality, and justice for all people. The founders of the United States had no idea they would create one of the richest nations in the world. Today however, many Americans have forgotten to honor these groups of intellectuals that built this country and refused to rule it. Benjamin Franklin, a famous and respected diplomat in the seventeen hundreds, was one of the most influential founders of this country….  

The Poet, The Diplomat, The Figure – Pablo Neruda

– … He started writing love poems in the 1920s. His poems express young, unhappy, passionate love. Neruda published the book “Twenty Love Poems” in 1924. An unhappy love story inspired him to write to enter love poetry. Many other poems were written under the theme of love. The poem “Don’t Go Far Off” was one of his numerous love poems. In this poem, Neruda shows his love to his wife: “Don’t go far off, not even for a day, because — because — I don’t know how to say it: a day is long and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep”….  

How to Thrive as a Diplomat: The United States Relations with Saudi Arabia

– Research Question Is the exchange of US weapon-based AID to Saudi Arabia valuable to both countries. Introduction to relations between the US and KSA The United States and Saudi Arabia have engaged in relations since 1933 despite the countries having completely different views in the government rulings. The United States are a democracy and believe in separation of the church and state awhile the Kingdom is an absolute Islamic ruled monarch. Relations between the two countries began when a group of American explorers in Saudi Arabia discovered oil….  

The Careers of Diplomat versus Attache in Victorian Times

– Diplomat or Attache: Which was the better job. How to become a Diplomat To become a diplomat, one must possess the art of diplomacy. They have to handle know how to negotiate, be well tempered and genteel. In order to become a diplomat Mr. Pitt Crawley must have had to earn and been awarded the position. In addition, he had to possess an art for politics and Etiquette. While in college Crawley mastered these diplomatic skills. He became the Private Secretary to Lord Binkie. He also became the Attache to the Legation at Pumpernickel….  

America’s Mistreatment of India’s Devyani Khobragade

– … The maltreatment that the American administration meted out to Devyani is deplorable. India has taken a hard stand in this matter, asking America to beg for apology over this gaffe and also to withdraw charges levelled against Devyani. Due to this boiled headed Indian stance, the US Secretary of State John Kerry was compelled to express regrets (not an apology) on this entire issue. Citing sometimes the rules and American regulations, while sometimes the American provisions of security laws, America has tried to cause injuries to the self-respect several Indian famous personalities rudely humiliating them on earlier occasions as well….