Data communication lines or cables installer Essay

Data communication lines or cables installer Essay

No Need for Cables with Bluetooth

– Introduction Bluetooth is a wireless LAN technology designed to connect devices of different function such as telephone, notebooks, computers (desktop and laptop), cameras, printers and coffe makers. A Bluetooth LAN is an ad hoc network, which means that the network is formed spontaneously but sometimes ir called gadgets and make network called a piconet. The cable-free or wireless, technology was initially caonceived by Ericson in 1994, when the company began a study to investigate the feasibility of a low-power, low-cost radio interface between mobile phones and their accessoroes….  

Communication Satellites

– Communication Satellites Have you ever thought about how that little phone in your hand works. What about how you always seem to have internet and cable access. A satellite is a device put into orbit around Earth that uses receivers, amplifiers, and transmitters to receive and send signals around the globe (“Communications Satellite Aug. 2007”). Satellites provide the signals to these and more devices. Satellites orbit Earth and provide global communications, as well as collect valuable data. Many countries and companies currently compete for the valuable orbits for satellites….  

Research on what Cables are Mostly used in the US

– In this task, I was required to search on what cables that are mostly used in my country, like Fiber Optic, Copper Cable, Cat-6 and more. And for this task 1, I choose the Cat–6 cables for my assignment. This Cat6 cables is commonly referred as category 6, which it standardized the cable for Gigabyte Ethernet and for others Physical Layers that is backwards compatibilities with the category. STAFFING OIL & GAS DEPARTMENT PETROCHEMICALS DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT RECEPTION 4TH FLOOR 3RD FLOOR 2ND FLOOR 1ST FLOOR GROUND FLOOR In this task, there are 4 departments for a new 5-storey company building that would need to install the computer and telephone networ…  

Data Communications

– Introduction When electronic devices transfer information to another electronic device, the devices need to know when data flow is beginning and ending. This is done with signals for synchronization.i This report will describe the two forms of data communications in terms of the physical interfaces and modes of operation. It will describe the features of data communications equipment in relation to synchronous and asynchronous communication including modems, network terminating units and sending and receiving equipment….  

Mechanisms of Data Communication and Signals

– … Typically, analog are composite signals that contain of combination of different frequencies, phases and amplitudes. This requires mathematical analysis to determine the characteristics of a composite signal. Fourier Analysis and Angular Frequency are good examples of how the frequency, amplitude or phase or a composite signal is determined. (Brown, 2010). Digital Signals are a sequence of voltage pulses transmitted over a medium. These signals have a fixed set of levels, and are largely aperiodic….